X Factor UK 12: The 6 – Chair Challenge (GIRLS)

It’s the dreaded 6 – Chair Challenge of the X Factor. It is brutal but I love it. It is good tv, we weeded out the good to the bad ones, and I just love the unpredictability of this level of the competition. Of course, we can’t always agree with the judges’ decisions but that is quite subjective already.

First up, the GIRLS category and the public has spoken. They chose RITA ORA to mentor this category. Haha. Simon is pissed! He likes this category. lol.

Check out who will make it to the Judges’ Home Visits which will be the next stage of the competition, closer to the live shows.

Katie Coleman
The Voice Within

– What. Just. Happened. Sure, she’s not the most exciting artist on the show but her audition is miles better than what she showed here. Everything just falls apart from her. Her vocals were shaky. It was pitchy. I don’t know. 3

Karen Mav
I’d Rather Go Blind

– Her delivery lacks that “oomph” or grit or spunk that I usually prefer in performing this song. Her vocals were decent. 5

Chloe Baker
You’ve Got The Love

– Pitchy vocals. She’s all over the place –  literally and vocally. Ugh. I just can’t. 2

Monica Michael
What Is Love

– Wow. I have never been a fan of Monica even last year but she sold me with this. Sure, her phrasing were a little muddled but the vocals were gorgeous. There’s confidence in her that commanded the stage beautifully. Great song choice too. Nice. 8

Sharon Rose
Let It Go

– How can she lose that chair is utterly unbelievable?! Her vocals sounded lovely and her connection with the song is simply impeccable. Not perfect but this was strong. 7

Chloe Paige
Amazing Grace

– A capella? Not a problem especially when she was able to deliver a beautiful first half. The second half? Felt a bit sleepy. There are parts that I think the song was too big for her, so her voice cracks in some parts. 6.5

Charli Beard
Love You I Do

– Vocals were nice but is it me or the rhythm and timing is quite off? Great range too but her delivery felt a little uninspired. I don’t know. There is something off in this that I know I am not just nitpicking. 6

Louisa Johnson
And I’m Telling You

– Strong but not perfect vocals. Her voice cracked in parts but I must say she is so marketable and a great voice? She’s locked for the live shows for sure. 7

Havva Rebke
No Diggity

– There are parts in here that were uneven and her vocals were a bit inconsistent but there is also a quality in her voice that with just the right song choice and great mentoring, she will be a dark horse. 6

Kiera Weathers
I Will Always Love You

– Why do I feel like there is something affected on the quality of her tone that I don’t really find appealing?! She went a little over dramatic for me on stage while her vocals were shaky and uneven in parts. Hm. Not really. The song choice too is just too tired that she never really did a solid job considering a lot of people slayed this song in other singing competitions already. 4

Kelly Mai Webb
Because The Night

– Because.. this is a NO! Horrible. 2

Lucy Duffield
Natural Woman

– I like the raspy vibe of her tone but her delivery of the song is too intense. She looked angry, she sounded angry, she’s…. angry?! Haha. But then, there are inconsistencies in here too. Hm. 5

Sophie Plumb
Turning Tables

– Decent but disconnected. 5

Lauren Murray
Say You Love Me

– There is a richness to her tone that I thought were beautiful. The low registers were solid but there are parts that under pitched. She started shaky, recovered and from then on, it was a beautiful to inconsistent vocals. 7

Monica Michael
Chloe Paige
Louisa Johnson
Havva Rebke
Kiera Weathers
Lauren Murray


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