X Factor Australia 7: Decades Challenge (Top 11)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

It’s week 2 of the live shows and this week’s theme is Decades Challenge. Each category will get a specific Decade (80s, 90s, 00s, 2010s) where their song choice will come from.

And after an underwhelming first week, this is a solid second week! Of course, I was bummed with the elimination of Dan Hamill last week – not that I think he will win – but there are still a lot of people I think should go home first instead.

Anyway, here is how I rank second week of the live shows.

My Life Would Suck Without You


– In the early stages pf the competition, I saw tons of potential from these three young guys and they had some nice voices and strong harmonies. But something happened during the live shows that took away that potential. For second week in a row, I thought they struggled a lot. They deliver a really off pitch version of this Kelly Clarkson hit. The individual verses were flat, the harmonies were weak and the command on stage was awkward. 3

Holding Out For A Hero


– Speaking of awkward, Michaela cjust delivered an awkward, boring, karaoke version of the song. Her stage presence is just annoyingly weird. She looked lost, her movements looked too dated. The vocals were meh. 3.5

Black Or White


– I missed the grit in his voice. At some point, the band swallowed his vocals fully. The verses were weak. His tone didn’t sound good. It must be the song choice and overall production, but I don’t think this worked. 4

8. BIG T
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me


– Why does Big T keeps on disappointing me?! I like him in the early stages of the competition but for two weeks now, I just don’t get him anymore. If last week was too much, this week was relatively weak and too much restraint too. Sure he took some melodic risk but I thought it didn’t really work with the overall impact. His vocals were meh. 4.5

Listen To Your Heart


– While I thought this was way better than last week and her confidence was better, but I thought the song was way too big for her. It is either she was struggling to hit those notes beautifully or she was holding back. But yeah, the vocals were uneven. 5.5



– The vocals were weaker than usual and I feel like they got stuck on the choreography more than managing to keep their vocals on point. The individual verses were uneven, the harmonies were not at spot on as they used to be. I wish they took a route of a more polished vocal performance because yes we all know they can perform and bust a move. 6

Break Free


– Sure this was miles better than last week but there is something off with her phrasing that sounded muddled. The vocals sounded much better though. 6.5

Ignition (Remix)


– Is it the most exciting arrangement and performance? No. Is it bad? No. But I thought that Jess & Matt’s performance is too safe. The vocals were fine. Jess had more command now. Matt sounded nice too. But yeah, it was safe and wished they took a different route with a song choice that could fire up that interesting tandem that they have an advantage with and could be the dark horse on the competition. 7

People Help The People


– Yes! I know the comparison with Jiordan Tiolli’s audition before would be inevitable but there is no denying Louise delivered a compelling one as well. Not as good as the original nor Jiordan but I still like this from Louise. It’s current, restraint, beautiful and lovely vocal performance from her. Good job! 8



– There is an understated quality from her that allows us to breathe within the verses of the performance and give us a fantastic version of the song that we’ve heard so many times before. Oh, her melodic choices too were gorgeous! 8

Wicked Game


– Simple. Gorgeous. Brilliant. No whistles. No overproduced production. Just Cyrus, his lovely tone and the piano. Everything just worked together. Even the mood fits his voice that is absolutely amazing. Great job. 9


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