Movie Review: Freeheld (’15 Peter Sollett)

Freeheld has all the recipe of an Oscar worthy film. From the fantastic ensemble to a solid script to a theme that pulls the heartstrings and perspective right on the gut. But there is something missing on how Peter Sollett crafted the film. Was it the transition? No. Was it the cinematography? Uhm. No. Was it the phasing? No. Was it the actors and actresses? Hell no. At the end of the film, I was kinda on that “almost” but not quite enough satisfaction that made me think all night what was missing with the film. Here’s the thing. I thought the story telling was compelling. The script was solid albeit some flaws. Julianne Moore and Ellen Page were amazing as the leads. Steve Carrell, Josh Charles and Michael Shannon were strong supporting acts. There was a right mix of humor and drama. But then the film lacks that “spark” — whether it is from Julianne & Ellen or the film itself. But the film is missing that certain factor to make it an impactful film. Nonetheless, I still think it was a nice film. 7


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