X Factor UK 12: The 6 – Chair Challenge (BOYS)

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge

The 6 – Chair Challenge continue this week with Nick Grimshaw – the mentor of the BOYS – will choose his 6 acts that he will bring for the Judges’ Home Visits.

Who will make? Let’s see.

Brodie Kelly
A Thousand Years

– Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. But I thought there are parts here that sounded pretty. Not so strong though. Sigh. 4.5

Tom Davies
Turn Up The Music

– Eh? More like turn off the music. 2

Jordan Luke Gage
No More I Love You’s

– I thought his lower register sounded lovely but then the vocal support in the verses and the other parts sounded pitchy. 4.5

Danny Sharples
Ain’t Nobody

– What was this? The vocals were off pitch. He was sharp in parts. 2

Tom Bleasby
I Look To You

– Vocals were too thin for me. It sounded shrill at some point. 4

Jamie Eldridge
You Get What You Give

– I like the song choice. I wish though that he had a stronger delivery and more polished performance. 6

Lady Marmalade

– Too gimicky. Next. 3

Simon Lynch
Hold My Hand

– The vocals were strong. Solid phrasing and the arrangement created a new flavor and dynamic that works in his favor. He had so much star power. 8

Nathanael Landskroner
I Have Nothing

– Song choice alone, he didn’t deserve a seat. Lol. But to be fair, the song itself was too big for him and his vocals were weak from the get-go. 3

Seann Miley Moore
I Who Have Nothing

– Sassy! Haha. It’s like he was trying to show Papasidero how it should be done. But I wanted him to be less theatric and work on his vocals. Sure he sounded nice in parts but that’s it. It is either he sounded nice or he sounded off key. 5

Mason Noise
The Fix/Earned It/Sexy Back

– Annoying! Arrogant. He had a very decent voice during audition and he is so full of himself. But I must say, albeit the drama, he actually showed so much potential to do well. His vocals were good. The swagger was there. The timing was spot on. 6

Josh Daniel

– Shaky start but he recovered. I thought this was a fine delivery but not as strong as his audition. 6.5

Ben Clark
All I Want

– Surprisingly riveting! I written him out because I thought he is just okay and not memorable but Ben delivered one of the strongest performance tonight. He didn’t sound like the original (his audition, he sounded the original) and his melodic choices were pretty good. 7

Ollie Marland
Marvin Gaye

– His rhythm is quite messy. While the vocals weren’t spectacular, it wasn’t bad as well. He was okay. 6

Che Chesterman
It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

– Big voice. But there is no distinct quality to him that makes it a compelling delivery. It was a fine, solid performance but not – for me – a standout one. 7

— –
Tom Bleasby
Simon Lynch
Seann Miley Moore
Josh Daniel
Ben Clark
Che Chesterman


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