The Voice 9: Battles (1)

Battle Rounds start tonight. Just like the previous seasons, the coaches will pit two of his/her artists against each other. One will win and the other has the chance for a steal from the other coaches.

Usually this is the stage of the competition where the coaches weeded out the cannon fodders to the potential live shows’ bets.. or also this is the stage where the coaches usually makes the worst picks.

Now on to the first night of the Blinds.

Jordan Smith (vs) Regina Love
Like I Can

[Team ADAM]

– I am surprised on how much I liked this battle. Look, I feel like Adam is thinking a some kind of Sam Smith-Mary J. Blige thing here that is why they were paired up but there is something compelling on both of the singers’ delivery that I love. Regina sounded current. Jordan is effortless. Sure, Regina had some muddled phrasing but she actually was able to held her own. Jordan is a good story teller. His voice is lovely and he was able to command the performance without even trying so hard. 7

Results: Jordan Smith wins. STEAL – Regina Love (Team GWEN)

Tyler Dickerson (vs) Zach Seabaugh

I’m Gonna Be Somebody

[Team BLAKE]

– This was almost even for me but Zach surprised me so much. I thought Tyler – vocally – will have this battle easily but Zach was able to find a way to charm his way to a compelling performance. Tyler had more consistent vocal delivery but Zach had more presence. 7

Results: Zach Seabaugh wins. NO STEAL.

Ellie Lawrence (vs) Tim Atlas

Sweater Weather

[Team GWEN]

– Ellie easily won this for me because her voice is not just interesting but really strong. Tim was able to hold his own and got me interested as well. For them to take this moody alternative track from The Neighborhood into a more pop laiden tune, I was impressed. Lovely! 7

Results: Ellie Lawrence wins. STEAL – Tim Atlas (Team PHARRELL)

Celeste Betton (vs) Mark Hood

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


– I thought I would be bored and from song choice alone, I didn’t expect much. But it was like a decadent food that as the performance grew and build up, it was a delicious treat. It was energetic, magnetic, entertaining and vocally solid. Those runs and melodic choices of both singers created some kind of magic that made this battle a solid offering. 7.5

Results: Mark Hood wins. NO STEAL.

Dustin Monk (vs) James Dupre

Forunate Son

[Team ADAM]

– James is more marketable but he seems to be bland. Dustin had a nice voice but very generic. Weak battle. 6

Results: James Dupre wins. NO STEAL

Barrett Baber (vs) Dustin Christensen

Walking In Memphis

[Team BLAKE]

– Dustin had this grit in his voice that is more textured than Barrett but Barrett had more star quality especially as a country “star”. The vocals were decent and I thought from the get go, Barrett had this on the bag. Suprised wuth that Dustin steal though. 6.5

Results: Barrett Baber wins. STEAL – Dustin Christensen (Team ADAM)


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