The Voice 9: Battles (2)

The Voice 9 Battles

What happened. The second night of the blind auditions is super underwhelming. I hate to say this but it was so lackluster that I didn’t even bother to take time in making this blog. It is just sad especially with some of the coaches choices for STEAL are a bit confusing. Sigh. Also, why does they like montaging artists. It sucks producers! And it sucks for Team Gwen because two of her battles got the dreaded montage edit. Ugh.

But then it would be unfair. So here you go, the second night of the battle rounds.

Keith Semple (vs) Manny Cabo
Baba O’Riley

[Team ADAM]

– This was a solid battle and I thought Manny would have this in the bag but Keith showed a range and grit that made this an interesting vocal battle. Manny had his moments but I thought Keith delivered a surprisingly stronger bit. Nonetheless, I find it confusing that noone stole the losing artist but then again I think they view Manny as a dated rock artist which doesn’t seem to be that marketable in the current music scene. 7

Results: Keith Semple wins. NO STEAL.

Chris Crump (vs) Krista Hughes

Where I Get Where I’m Going

[Team BLAKE]

– While Chris showed so much growth on his vocals and his marketable star quality is undeniable, Krista Hughes delivered a stronger verse. Her vocals were restrained but beautiful. Such a shame no one stole her. I do understand Blake’s audition though. 6.5

Results: Chris Crump wins. NO STEAL.

Ivonne Acero (vs) Sianha Im

Keep Me Hanging On


– The two young artists struggle so much and I blame it on the song choice. There is nothing quirky with it which is such a shame since both Ivonne and Sianha are refreshing, quirky young talent. Sianha’s vocals were weak. Ivonne struggle to stay on pitch. Both had some sharp and flat moments. 5

Results: Sianha Im wins. STEAL – Ivonne Acero (Team BLAKE)


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