X Factor UK 12: The 6 – Chair Challenge (GROUPS)

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge

The first half of the Groups performed immediately after the Boys category and the continuation happened before the Overs performed.

Mentored by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, she is no alien with this category as she came from a girl group once and successfully launched her career then proceed to be a successful solo artist after.

Now let’s us see who made it to her top 6.

Menn On Point

– Entertaining? Sure. Energy? Off the roof. Vocals? Non-existent. Sadly, they failed to sing the song on key… at all. 4


– I agree with Cheryl, the middle girl should just ditch the others and go solo. Mean but they other four quite dragged her down. Together though, at some point, I saw the light of potential but it was too little. 4

Hey Mamma

– The vocals here were a little messy. Sure the energy were high and some of the verses wwre solid but the harmonies were weak and the other verses sounded under pitch. 6

Rumor Has It
Hold Back The River

– Vocally they were like the best of the night as the individual verses sounded fantastic, the harmonies were solid but they were hella boring. I mean, you don’t need to do choreography and stuff to be energetic or what but this performance at some point became boring. But still, it was vocally competent. 7

4th Power

– These girls had some serious range and pipes but the vocal bombast is getting tiresome already. They need to find a way to mix it up with some restraint and show a more subdue or understated quality of performance. This is still entertaining even though the vocals got a little messy in parts. 7

Mon Amie
Baby One More Time

– There are a lot of things going on and it seems like they were trying so hard. I don’t know, I just don’t think this worked at all. 4.5

The First Kings

– The guys are still entertaining but they really need to work on their vocals and minimize the gimmickery. 7

Silver Tone
A Change Is Gonna Come

– The individual verses were solid but the harmonies this time were weak. 6.5

See You Again

– Auditions, Silver Tone was better. Bootcamp, they got even. Tonight, they were just a mess vocally as they stretched way too much that there are parts that sounded really messy. I just don’t think this worked at all.. or maybe there are parts that worked but some just sounded noisy. 6

— –
Menn On Point
4th Power
The First Kings
Silver Tone


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