Movie Review: Truth (’15 James Vanderbilt)

Aside from the plot, Truth‘s main success is the solid performances from the cast in particular –  Cate Blanchett – who just gave a very radical or should I say more of a firebrand delivery of her character Mary Mapes. She was outstanding all throughout the film, which is not surprising though but I was just at awe on how much dynamic she gave and how engage I was with her. Robert Redford and Elisabeth Moss were so good too. The film’s plot interests me in a subjective level. There are parts that were a bit messy and the writing needed more strong portions of intact but I thought the film was able to find the ground of success in delivering a somewhat sense of controversy without being controversial and that just excites me as a viewer because it makes me think more and wonder. I don’t know, there is just something oddly compelling with the film that left a good mark in me. Was it one of the best films I’ve seen this year? hmm not really the best, but it was decent at its best. So yeah. 7


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