X Factor Australia 7: Rock Week (Top 8)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

With the eliminations of Georgia Denton (Girls) and Jimmy Davis (Boys) last week, all mentors/judges were in an even playing field boasting two artists for their respective categories.

It’s Rock Week for the Top 8 as they tackle rock songs or “rock” music from rock artists. Will Chris Isaak & his boys get the upperhnd since he is a rock icon?

Let’s see how the artists did tonight.


– Look this wasn’t bad and the individual were pretty nice albeit some off pitch moments but there is a lack of connection from the boys that is evident in here and the harmonies were a little all over the place. 6

Need You Tonight

– The thing that made her better than In Stereo this week is that she is actually singing better but like them she is very disconnected in her material. Although I love the sass and she also got a bit distracted with her movements on stage that the vocals got faltered in parts. 6

Wild Horses

– I love that they kept it simple and allow Michaela’s voice to be front and center. But she is a little cold. I mean, I never really felt her even though the singing was pretty good. 6.5


– Look, she sang the song quite well but it left me cold afterwards. It was actually a good vocal, at least for me. She had some melodic changes in parts which is good and her vocals were actually soaring beautifully. But I still can’t find myself to root for her at some point which is odd. Maybe itt was her lack of connection to her material that makes me second guess myself with Natalie. 7

Sweet Disposition

– The harmonies sounded gorgeous, the individual verses were nice. I wish a better song for them but I digress. This was still a good showing from the duo. 7

Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

– This is not Cyrus strongest performance but it gave a certain kind of charm and mark. The falsettos were not clean like the usual but his transitions were better. The verses sounded nice too. I am quite impressed still. 7.5

2. BIG T
Whole Lotta Love

– The first part, the band swallowed him but once he picked up he actually deliever a pretty solid version of the song. But I am still struggling with his stage presence as it comes across quite arrogant or maybe it was his personal “swag”. Nonetheless, this is probably his best performance on a live show to date. 7.5

Dream On

– This is right in Louise’s alley. She managed to keep it interesting from start to finish although some of her vocal choices were a bit lazy and her vocals were not as solid as her usual form, she – for me – gave the strongest performance of the night. That end note! 7.5

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