X Factor UK 12: The 6 – Chair Challenge (OVERS)

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge

The final moment of The 6 – Chair Challenge is here and we are going to see the OVERS. Their mentor is Simon Cowell and he is not happy about it at first but he needs to suck up because the audience chose this for him. Lol.

Cheer up though, Ben Haenow & Fleur East who were the winner & runner-up last season is from this category.

Anyway, did Simon made the right decisions in who he will take on for the Home Visits? Let’s see..

Holly Johnson

– From the attire, her movements and her delivery.. it is very show girl! 2

Max Stone
Turn Your Lights Down

– Max the guy with no personality had some serious solid, gritty voice! His take on this Bob Marley song is solid and surprisingly full of personality! He comes alive when he is singing. 7.5

Vicki-Ann Nash

– Her vocal choices were pretty but it was too short to put some reaction on her performance. But for what I saw, she has a beautiful voice and lovely dynamics. 7

Joseph McCaul

– Eh. Decent karaoke version. Next. 5

Stephanie McCourt
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)

– It was lovely at first then became dragging and then I just lost her somewhere. I just didn’t connect. 5

Kerrie-Ann Phillips

– Gorgeous vocals, solid verses. Kerrie-Ann seems to be a good dark horse contender on this category. 7

Anton Stephans
A House Is Not A Home

– The craziness needs to dial down. While he started quite well, once the over the top theatrical delivery started? His pitch faltered and his vocals were a mess. His high register sounded shrill and once he stretched the vocals, it sounded flat. 5.5

Tonatha Raiha

– The vocals were for me a meh. 5

Zen Blythe
Fly Away

– He is a polarizing artist but my main thing here is that his vocals here are inconsistent. 5

Hannah Marie Kilminster
Let It Go

– Cheryl is right, her timing seems to be in a rush but she managed to pick herself up during the last three fourths of the song. But she is so theatrical too. Hm. 5

Jennifer Phillips
Up To The Mountain

– This girl just sang her soul out! The vocals were ridicuously good. The high registers were soaring. Goodness!! 7.5

Neneth Lyons
One Moment In Time

– Woah her voice cracks in parts and it was just a rangey song that she stretched so much buy it left me cold. Also, her delivery is also too dated. 5


– Eh? Bupsi’s vocals were mostly sharp. She however put a show with her high energy and “crazy” stage command. Still, I think this was just meh. 4.5

If I Were A Boy

– Vocals were a bit a mess. I feel like she was trying so hard to hit those high registers that her voice faltered miserably. But there are parts where her rich tone was overwhelmingly good for the verses. 6

— –
Max Stone
Kerrie-Ann Phillips
Anton Stephans
Jennifer Phillips

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