The Voice 9: Battles (3)

The Voice 9 Battles

It’s the third night of the battles and each coach had used 1 of their 2 STEALS. Mostly I feel like for Adam these his steals are more of his Knockouts fodder. Lol.

Anyway, the night was pretty good and the battles were excellent. This might be the best night of battles so far this season. So check out who won which battles and who got stolen for tonight.

Blaine Mitchell (vs) Blind Joe
Old Time Rock & Roll
[Team BLAKE]

– I like Blaine here more than Joe. Blaine delivered more gritty and smooth verses and his stage command is quite remarkable. Not that Joe isn’t because he actually was able to fill that “space” with so much aura of confidence and energy. Although, for me, Joe’s vocals were just decently good. Still it was actually a pretty good battle. 6

Results: Blind Joe wins. STEAL – Blaine Mitchell (Team ADAM)

Cassandra Robertson (vs) Viktor Kiraly
Nobody Knows
[Team ADAM]

– Woah! I am seriously impressed. Sure this battle felt more like a duet rather than a battle but both Cassandra and Viktor showcased a slick and smooth verses. Their melodic choices were beautiful. The runs were spot on and the stage presence of both showed so much sophistication. I loved this. Too bad nobody stole Cassandra who I thought delivered a pure and wonderful vocal performance. 8

Results: Viktor Kiraly wins. NO STEAL.

Chase Kerby (vs) Korin Bukowski
[Team GWEN]

– Lovely! The understated quality of their voices gave us a nuanced, emotional, storytelling kind of performance that even if Chase had some transitional cracks and Korin easily pounds him vocally, I didn’t mind. It just adds texture and emotions to this performance that simply captivates me. Gorgeous! 8.5

Results: Korin Bukowski wins. NO STEAL.

Evan McKeel (vs) Riley Biederer
Higher Ground

– This is quite close than what I expected it to be. Riley surprised me and how the hell her audition got montage bugs me after seeing her tonight. She reminds me of Alison Iraheta (American Idol 8) and she actually got a pretty, rangey voice. Evan is a versatile artist and I hope he will not falter once the lives comes in just like the others who do well in the early rounds then falter eventually, right Luke Wade & Taylor Phelan? 7

Results: Evan McKeel wins. STEAL – Riley Biederer (Team GWEN)

Braiden Sunshine (vs) Lyndsey Elm
No One Is To Blame
[Team GWEN]

– Lyndsey hd a better control but I am surprised with how much grit and range Braiden has. Sure his vocals weren’t perfect but it was actually a better development than his auditions. I think Braiden could really grow in this competition and will eventually surprise us even more. I am just hoping his nerves won’t get what best he could potentially deliver. 6.5

Results: Braiden Sunshine wins. NO STEAL.

Andi & Alex (vs) Chance Peña
Wherever You Will Go
[Team ADAM]

– Andi & Alex ethereal quality in their voices is just magical. Their harmonies were tight and lovely. Individually, Chance has the stronger vocals. But I won’t fault either cause they gave a gorgeous and harmony full performance of this The Calling ditty. And the arrangement was interesting but I thought worked. Great job. 7.5

Results: Andi & Alex wins. STEAL – Chance Peña (Team BLAKE)


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