The Voice 9: Battles (4)

The Voice 9 Battles

It’s the last night of the battles and we had the last three set of battles. Hopefully it is as good as last night. Anyway of course this is a Tuesday episode so expect three of the other battles to be montaged. Booo.

Anyway here’s how the night went..

Amanda Ayala (vs) Shelby Brown
The Edge Of Seventeen
[Team ADAM]

– This was at best a shouting match? Okay maybe I was overdescribing it but yeah half of the time the two singers were overpowering each other with vocal bombast. I will give Shelby the edge though because of her clearer and more pitch controlled delivery. 6

Results: Shelby Brown wins. NO STEAL.

— –
Amy Vachal (vs) Jubal & Amanda
To Love Somebody

– I think this was a mismatched and the stage delivery showed it. The couple duo feels like they were in their own world and even if Amy was trying to connect with them, it didn’t happen. Not to mention, Jubal’s vocals were overpowering the two ladies. Good thing, Amy sounded lovely on her verses. 5

Results: Amy Vachal wins. NO STEAL.

— –
Emily Ann Roberts (vs) Morgan Frazier
I’m That Kind Of Girl
[Team BLAKE]

– It’s a country battle and it was a decent showing from both young country artist aspirants. But both sounded generic too. So hm. 6

Results: Emily Ann Roberts wins. STEAL – Morgan Frazier (Team PHARRELL)

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