X Factor UK 12: Judges Home Visits – Part 2

X Factor UK 12 - Judges Home Visits

So last night 6 acts were officially announced for the live shows as Simon & Cheryl have chosen their respective three acts to represent their categories. And as much as I agree with Cheryl’s choices, I can’t seem to fathom Simon’s decision except for the much deserved slot for Max Stone. Seriously Simon, Bupsi over Kerrie-Anne? Anton over Jennifer?

Anyway, at the last quarter of the show, we saw the BOYS Category of Nick Grimshaw performed during the judges home visits and he together with his guest mentor, Mark Ronson had a tough decision. I mean, all 6 of his acts are to me very viable to consider for his Top 3. And I can’t even think of any combination. Will Nick go for a front runner (Simon Lynch) who did an underwhelming job last night? Or will Nick go for a performer with so much emotions (Josh Daniel) who did an underwhelming job as well? But he also had news maker worthy singers (Mason Noise & Seann Miley Moore) or the underdog turned dark horse (Ben Clark), as well as the powerhouse vocalist (Che Chesterman). So it will be really tough for Nick.

Nonetheless here’s how his 6 acts did last night.

This Woman’s Work

– Emotional and vocally competent. Sure the emotions got the best from him but it was still a good vocal performancd. 7

Too Lost In You

– Woah! Simon blew it off with those nerves. He was very consistent and strong all this time and it wasn’t the right time for him to be overpowered by his nerves. There are parts that sounded pretty but some parts, the nerves were too obvious. 6.5

Lost Without You

– Surprisingly this is a solid cover from the bad boy. His falsettos sounded rough in parts bitthe vocals were really lovely. 7


– Lovely! This is a pretty, strong cover of Ela Henderson. His voice is like butter melting but there is texture enough to make it interestingly compelling. 8

I Don’t Know Much, But I Know I Love You

– Fine vocals but it was dated. 6.5


– Oh no. I didn’t really dig this from Josh. The arrangement felt off. The vocals were messy. He is not connecting well with his material. Sure there are parts that were commendable but it wasn’t enough. 6

Mason Noise
Che Chesterman
Seann Miley Moore

— –

So Nick made an interesting choice and during the live announcement, that “Booos” were really loud. So I am not sure if the public is really embracing Mason Noise after his breakdown or the public were just rooting from the eliminated Boys more. Nonetheless, Nick had a tough choice I think and maybe he has plans with these three that could either work or not during the course of time.

Let us now go with the GIRLS category and their mentor is Rita Ora. Rita is joined by Meghan Trainor as the guest mentor. Louisa in this category is being perceived as the front runner and Simon Cowell has been very vocal in saying that she might be the one to beat. That’s why he likes this category.

But how did the girls do and who were three people Rita had chosen to represent her category.

Hold On, We’re Going Home

– Havva showed an incredible swag in here and her vocals were mostly on point. It just lacks that “wow” factor though. 7

Original Song

– Great original song but in a competition where they usually do mostly covers, Monica didn’t really showed what she could do “different” with them. The original song gave her authenticity and it was a smart tactic but I guess even if her vocals were great and that almost rap breakdown was good, this also lacks that “wow” factor. 7

A Little Respect

– Chloe has a lovely voice. Her take on the song was gorgeous at its best albeit a bit forgettable. 7

Show Me Love

– Her phrasing is lovely. Her tone is gorgeous. But on a personal opinion, it is hard to actually connect with her. Or maybe, she wasn’t really connecting that well with her material. 7


– The beginning was fantastic and when the performance took a midtempo vibe, it was another level of fantastic! Louisa will be hard to beat in the competition and it seems like Simon is eyeing for her to win. She got a great, rich, solid voice that is very textured yet pop! 8

Take Me Home

– Gorgeous! Solid! Great vocals! 8

Louisa Johnson
Lauren Murray
Kiera Weathers

I am not even shocked with the choices of Rita as all of her acts delivered a solid performance. Sure, would’ve loved Monica to be there more than Kiera but that was just my personal taste speaking. Rita could he having her first win this season especially if she mentors them right and give them right song choices. Also, I hope they won’t eventually falters in the competition which usually happens and we them struggle so hard.


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