The Voice 9: Knockouts (1)

Here comes the Knockouts! This season, Rihanna is the in house guest mentor that will help the artists and coaches in preparation for their Knockouts performance. Rihanna follows the likes of Taylor Swift and Chris Martin (Coldplay) to share what her expertise in terms of delivery and doing a great job in performance.

Tonight 12 artists will perform and each coach still has 1 STEAL left to use.

Here’s how I rank the first 12 artists.

12. Blind Joe
Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be A Cowboy
[Team BLAKE]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Barrett Baber)

– Zzzz. Hey I even got tires writing and remembering this ridiculous long title of the song. 3

11. Chance Pena
[Team BLAKE]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Ivonne Acero)

– Shaky vocals. Sigh. Chance had a good run but he messed himself up with this song choice. He struggled to find his pitch and then everything just went downward spiral with him hitting flat and sharp notes. 3.5

10. Ellie Lawrence
Cool For The Summer
[Team GWEN]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Braiden Sunshine)

– Would’ve worked if Ellie put her delicate, interesting twist on it just like that of her Blind Audition. But this was just a tad disappointment from her. Sure from the body of work alone, I would have send her through than Braiden but ghat is not the case. Her inconsistencies could potentially be a problem while Braiden is currently enjoyjng a growth. 3.5

9. Andi & Alex
Stupid Boy
[Team ADAM]
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Blaine Mitchell)

– Sigh. What are these song choices. Andi & Alex may have been perceived as fromt runners before but that was all gone with this song choice. It showed their vocal weaknesses. The harmonies were missing. The individual verses were weak. Such a shame. 4

8. Braiden Sunshine
Feeling Good
[Team GWEN]
Result: WINNER (vs. Ellie Lawrence)

– Sure, the vocals weren’t perfect but this was a massive improvement from Braiden. He showed more confidence. His voice soared nicely and he sang mostly on key. 6.5

7. Barrett Baber
Colder Weather
[Team BLAKE]
Result: WINNER (vs. Blind Joe)

– Decent but nothing spectacular. Barrett has all the ingredients in making it to the finals of The Voice. Emotional back story + country vote + Decent voice + Charismatic Handsome guy. If Blake and he will play their cards right, we might see another Blake win this season. 6.5

6. Blaine Mitchell
Hold Back The River
[Team ADAM]
Result: WINNER (vs. Andi & Alex)

– Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. There is nothing really spectacular or different from what he deliver but it was compelling enough to take the thunder away from the twins. 7

5. Jordan Smith
Set Fire To The Rain
[Team ADAM]
Result: WINNER (vs. Viktor Kiraly)

– Jordan sang this Adele song decently good! I can’t really fault his vocals. He sounded nice. Buf then again, it was nothing really spectacularly different or stand out. Just plain good vocals. 7

4. Viktor Kiraly
If I Ain’t Got You
[Team ADAM]
Result: ELIMINATED(vs. Jordan Smith); STEAL (Team GWEN)

– The thing that makes Viktor’s performance better than Jordan in my opinion is that he took more vocal chances. The song may be done a lot of times in reality singing competitions but somehow the charismatic Hungarian made it more compelling than Jordan’s performance. 7.5

3. Amy Vachal
A Sunday Kind Of Love
Result: ELIMINATED (vs. Madi Davis); STEAL (Team ADAM)

– Lovely vocals albeit sleepy in parts. I would say the delicate quality on her tone is simply tasteful, buttery lovely. 7.5

2. Ivonne Acero
Part Of Me
[Team BLAKE]
Result: WINNER (vs. Chance Pena)

– Ivonne surprised me again. I liked her audition. Her battle was a meh but this was a whole lot new experience from her. Her vocals were solid. She sounded beautiful and she looked more comfortable. 7.5

1. Madi Davis
A Case Of You
Result: WINNER (vs. Amy Vachal)

– Gorgeous! Not as good as that of James Wolpert (Season 5) but she took more liberties and she sang the loveliness of the song. Her tone was interesting. Her vocals were solid. Great job. 8


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