X Factor Australia 7: Trailblazers (Top 7)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

I don’t know about the theme but it seems like this was another term for “sing whatever you like” theme!

The remaining 7 is taking on some “trailblazers” songs and while the some song choices were baffling, the night turned out to be a pretty decent one. No trainwrecks but no super standout performance too.

I think it is the right top 7 and some of them are due to a trip for the bottom group.

Anyway here’s how I rank the Top 7 tonight.


– It’s so lifeless, she didn’t even reached half way and I fell asleep already. Look, Michaela is a really good vocalist but her stage presence, her performance level is just zero. 5

I Have Nothing

– The tired song choice didn’t do any wonders for Natalie. Not to mention, she struggled yo keep her pitch on key and her vocals were either sharp or flat. 5

Tears Dry On Their Own

– Dannii seems to be lost on what to do with Mahalia. It is like Mahalia knows what kind of artist she is and what songs will work for her but Dannii keeps on giving her uptempo, weird song choices that makes Mahalia struggle to show what she is capable of. Her pitch were flawed. Her vocals were a mess. 5.5

4. BIG T
Jailhouse Rock

– Big T made the most out of the song choice despite this performance coming off as a decent karaoke performance. 6

Bad Romance

– There is something off in this performance that I can’t really pinpoint but Louise continues to deliver consistent vocals. Her delivery weren’t as big or great like before but it was enough to keep her safe. 6.5

Dancing In The Dark

– Great arrangement! Simple, compelling and honest. The performance allowed Jess and Matt’s vocals to be front and center. Lovely! 7.5

Rumor Has It

– For a song choice that has so many vocal dynamics, Cyrus was able to deliver a pitch perfect performance. His transitions were clean. The phrasing was beautiful. His stage presence is just off the roof! This was to be honest and really good delivery and an Adele song is really difficult to sing. 8


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