X Factor Australia 7: Judges Challenge (Top 6)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

It’s the Judges Challenge theme this week on the X Factor Australia and I am excited for Mahalia since Dannii will not choose the song for her. Lol! But too bad to the one she will choose song for.

Anyway, this is I think a strong top 6 of X Factor Australia to date as I thought each of them had managed to give at least one outstanding performance prior to this week. And I am not the biggest fan of Natalie nor Big T nor Louise. So good job Australia!

So here I ranked the performances tonight.

6. BIG T
Locked Out Of Heaven

– He missed his cue, he forgot some lyrics, he started screaming the song towards the end, he hit those sharp and flat notes, he is clearly not wanting this song choice and he looks mad. I may not be the biggest fan of Big T but I was actually expecting him to pull this off since I really believe that he is a reliable performer. He did it during his Jailhouse Rock performance. 4

You Don’t Own Me

– It sounded dated and didn’t seem really that connected to Louise. The vocals were uneven and the whole thing just came out flat and bland. 5

Chasing Pavements

– Mahalia didn’t do anything different from let’s say Adele’s version or some reality singing competition covers but her tone alone allows to hover beautifully on you and it rightfully melts like a butter! It was just simply that good. 7.5

Toca’s Miracle

– This is the moment where I now finally see and connect with Natalie. She had so much command on that stage. The production worked perfectly well and oh my gosh, those vocals were superb! This is to me, her strongest work to date. 7.5


– The production was genius and their vocals were spot on. Jess sounded insanely spot on and Matt just complimented her. He also looked so good, I can’t help but adore that handsomeness! Haha. But all in all this was pretty terrific and the staging was just smart. 8

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

– I have heard this covered like a lot from other shows but there is something innately captivating on what Cyrus has done with the song. It was beautiful, gorgeous and wraps you up compeletly. His vocals were pure and solid and it was just yet another strong showing from him. He really also had that undeniable stage presence that he captures the audience and lures them to just focus on him. Great job! 8

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