Movie Review: Spectre (’15 Sam Mendes)

Did I miss something or was I just expecting so much from this new James Bond film? Not to burst anybody’s bubble but no it’s a bad film but it was an underwhelming output from what is left of. Skyfall was amazing and for me Spectre is a bit of a let down. The script is a combination of overwritten backdrop and underwritten plot points. Well at least for me. The action sequences were decent to fine. The phasing were a bit clunky. The transitions were somewhat contrived and Daniel Craig still possess that natural Bond charisma. Hotness! Okay not to get away from the film’s flaws, it was a dull experience for me. It never really left a major impact or an adrenaline rush of excitement and after taste satisfaction. The film wasn’t super bad – no! – but it wasn’t also that super good. Spectre is a film that at glance gives you so much hope of deliberate approval but will left you out with an underwhelmed sigh in the end. 6

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