X Factor UK 12: Reinvention (Top 11)

X Factor UK 12 - TOP 13

It’s week 2 of the live shows and since we only have 7 weeks of live shows, I am pretty sure tomorrow’s result show is another double elimination.

This week’s theme is “Reinvention” and Simon explained it at the start of the show. I still think that this week should be a “mash up” week as most of the song choices were arguably baffling and mash-ups which could potentially lead to a train wreck and occasionally works.

With the elimination of early judges favorite Alien Uncovered last week, I think none of these acts were really safe.

Now let us rank tonight’s Top 11:

All About That Bass/Bang, Bang

– What. the. hell. is this mess?! Sure I appreciate the effort of making Anton do something current not ballad but this is like self sabotaged. It was just awful. 2

Crazy In Love

– Poor Monica! Well at least the twins got so much airtime tonight but everything was just terrible. Her vocals weren’t great. The sexy image was too much and I am distracted on how much she tries to sell that out on stage. 3.5

What Makes You Beautiful/Cheerleader

– Again, it was fun, entertaining but the main thing is these two can’t sing on tune. And I can’t give them free pass every single week just because they bring fun & excitement on the show. I need them to improve their vocals. 4

Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

– His vocals were still his best asset and I am glad the awful facial expressions while he sings were more controlled this week but I feel like this is a throwaway performance from Max. He can only do so much with the song choice and basically it just stayed plateaued. 5


– Just like Monica, I feel like Mason is overselling that “sexy” thing much that the winking is a bit distracting. I can’t fault his vocals as they were still on point but this doesn’t do much for Mason. The performance was fine but the song choice is meh. 5

Sound Of The Underground/Boom Clap

– Where’s Boom Clap? Haha. I didn’t hear it at all. For me this was mostly the Girls Aloud song choice and the girls did just fine albeit some verses are being overpowered by the backtrack. I just need them to shake things up as the uptempo is starting to get tired already. It’s reinvention week so I was hoping for something different. Cheryl should’ve known better as this group is her only chance of making it to the finale. 6

California Dreamin’

– Vocals were decent, I didn’t like the song choice. This is the same old, theatrical kind of Seann Miley performance. So.. expected. 6

Return Of The Mack

– Surprisingly I enjoyed and even if there were a lot of moments on those dance sequence, this has been a more comfortable Kiera and she looked like a potentil popstar. Kudos! 6.5

Billie Jeans

– The first 10 seconds of the performance is brilliant. But once the beat came in, I feel like she lost a bit of the rhythm but it is a good thing she picked it up. Louisa is the chosen one and I am just be shocked if she will not win this season. But props to her, she really is a consistent vocalist and haven’t had any bad performance since the beginning. 7

Hold Back The River

– I know this was planned to make her have a moment but it still felt short! I must say, Lauren sounded glorious in this and her vocals were spot on! Period. 7

You Can’t Hurry Love

– Now this is a moment. The performance is Che’s best to date. It was controlled and he didn’t do his usual screamfest. The arrangement was brilliant and to my surprise, it sounded current, fresh and his vocal choices were off the charts! Great job Che! 8.5

2 thoughts on “X Factor UK 12: Reinvention (Top 11)

    • lol. it’s disappointing at some point but at least they weren’t the worst. i just need them to shake things up. it’s getting tiresome already with the uptempos and the public will look for a different offering at some point from them

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