X Factor Australia 7: Mentor’s Choice (Top 5)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

It’s X Factor Australia’s quarter finals already and I think Australia got it right for this season’s Top 5. But why did I felt underwhelmed after watching this episode? Usually there is like 2-3 standout and blownaway performances from this group of 5 but tonight? It was most decent to good. So yeah. And I think it is time for Chris Isaak to lose another act tomorrow night and hopefully it is NOT Cyrus! Ha.

Now let us rank the Top 5’s performances.

5. BIG T
All Of Me

– Big mess. Such a shame, I thought this will be the time where Big T will explore his softer, more controlled part of his delivery but then again he goes big, lacks emotional connection and the vocals were just all over the place. 3

I Try

– On paper, this is a perfect match for Mahalia but something just didn’t connect with her in here. She looked more comfortable and confident though but it wasn’t the same Mahalia that I loved in the early rounds. Sigh. 6.5

Love Me Like You Do

– It was a bit underwhelming performance from Cyrus. Sure his vocals were still spot on and his phrasing is more gorgeous than ever but the usual guy who took risk with his arrangements and explores his vocal dynamics is giving us a bland, straight on and underwhelmed delivery. 7

I Put A Spell On You

– Louise delivered a dynamic, current sounding and solid vocal performance of “I put a spell on you”. I may have apprehensions with the song choice at first as I felt it was tired and over done in singing competition but Louise made the most out of it. 7.5

You’re The One That I Want

– Gorgeous! Their harmonies are more solid. The individual verses were lovely. The arrangement is a bit polarizing but it has some charismatic effect. Great job! 7.5


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