X Factor UK 12: Movie Week (Top 9)

X Factor UK 12 - TOP 13

It’s movie theme this week on the X Factor UK… again. It seems like this is a staple theme from this show no? Or even from the other reqlity singing competition that has weekly themes. Nonetheless as a whole, I thought this was one of the more solid nights of the show since the lives began.

On paper there were a couple of baffling song choices but somehow as the night went by, I thought a lot were actually good song choices for them so good job to Simon, Cheryl, Nick and Rita.

By the way two of the contestants had a last minute change of songs in the morning in lieu and respect of what happened in Paris – the song titles they had were inappropriate in times like this. So I am assuming probably Lauren and Monica chose something either they’ve performed before or their Save Me song and they just randomly looked if they were movie themes as well.

Now here is my ranking of the Top 9:

I Have Nothing

– From the overdone song choice alone, I wanted to eliminate the guy immediately. But here’s what I really don’t like about the performance. There’s a thinness in Anton’s tone that is unpleasant and the way he enunciates his lyrics felt like he was acting them out. More, he sounded off pitch in most parts and he didn’t really bring anything exciting with this performance. 3

Secret Garden

– Max is a personal favorite for me during the early rounds and I had high hopes for him especially after that fantastic judges house performance of his but he faltered since the start of the lives and he never really gave us something exciting nor phenomenal. This is not an exception and the performance was just bland and boring but I must say he actually sounded real good. 5

Who Let The Dogs Out

– Again, Reggie ‘N’ Bolli delivered a fun, entertaining and vocally decent performance. No they are not the best singers of the competition but the way they just transcends fun and a ray of light in their performance is really admirable. That beginning is hilarious although I do want to hear them something stripped down but for the meantime, this was a solid, enthusiastic performance from the duo. 6.5

When A Man Loves A Woman

– Look, I can’t really fault Che with his vocals on this another overdone song. His pitch is almost perfect. His vocals soared beautifully. But I must say, I have heard better versions of this. Also, I wanted him to do something contemporary as he is just performing dated song choices despite him being young. 7

What Is Love

– She did this during the 6-chair challenge and it was si great. Tonight she did the same choice though it didn’t recapture the same magic of the first time. Nonetheless, this was still a solid showing from Monica and her vocals sounded pretty. She looked lovely too! 7.5 

Men In Black

– Call me crazy or insane but Mason is a potential pop artist in the making if molded well. He is one of the few artist in the competition that has the extra special commitment and quality that is quite remarkable. His take on Men in Black isn’t perfect but it was charming, infectious and surprisingly solid. He has that swagger, badboy charm and that rap verse is quite compelling too! 7.5

Everybody’s Free

– The song choice isn’t the most exciting or the best thing but Louisa is a force to reckon on the competition. That beginning where she showed restraint is just brilliant and it managed to create a build up that allows her vocals to soar beautifully is a cherry on top! 8

One Last Time

– Lovely! Yes it wasn’t perfect but the rawness, the stripped down and Lauren’s vocals were a perfect combination for this performance. It was intimate, genuine and wonderful! 8

Work It Out

– Fantastic! The girls are back and yes I know they always get the flak for doing uptempo each and every week but will we complain if we get this? This is their best performance to date and they showed so much sass and great hairography! Lol. Their vocals were beautiful. The individual verses were strong, the harmonies were tight and the ad libs and runs were used rightfully! Great job. 8.5

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