X Factor Australia 7: Killer Tracks & Curveballs (Top 4)

X Factor Australia 7 Live shows

This is a bit late, I’m sorry for that. But this was ultimately, I think, the right top 4 of the series. Perhaps, this is the strongest set of Top 4 that the show had. Not to take away from the other contestants, but I think out of this four, each and every one of them at least had 2 or more shining moments during the course of the live shows.

Now let us see how they really did on the two themes of the week.


4. BIG T
Marvin Gaye

– In any side, I just don’t think that Charlie Puth’s Marvin Gaye really suited Big T’s voice His vocals cracked in parts and there was a certain unsureness from his delivery that is evident. More so, it felt like a karaoke performance that is good for a 70 score. 4

Ain’t No Sunshine

– The arrangement left me baffled as I feel like the wholeness of it didn’t showcase the emotional aspect of the song. Louise did all that she could with the song but it felt disconnected ultimately. 5

Need You Now

– The vocals were weaker than their usual but there are parts that worked and sounded pretty. Matt in particular showed strength in his vocals during his verses with the harmonies sounding quite lovely. 6.5


– Solid! Despite the risk of doing those bizarre run of quicke verses, Cyrus delivered them with so much ease and clarity! His voice didn’t fakter at all and he showed that he is a ready made pop star! Great job. 8

— –

4. BIG T
A Whiter Shade of Pale

– The vocals were nice. The restraint from Big T is something I have missed from him in recent weeks. It was a good performance to leave an impression from Big T, even for a last time? 7

Blame It On Me

– Who knew? As a curveball, this is something you wouldn’t really think Louise could pull but she did. Her vocals were gorgeous. It was simple, lovely and on point. 7.5

In The Air Tonight

– There’s nothing much Cyrus could do with the verses that sounded quite repetitive but Cyrus delivered a lovely, wonderful cover that showed another solid performance from him. He realky is the most consistent vocalist left on the show. 8

I Was Made For Loving You

– I never expected Jess & Matt in any day to do a song like this but they made it worked. The individual verses were gorgeous. The harmonies were lovely! The stage presence of the duo is just remarkable. Good job! 8


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