X Factor UK 12: Love & Heartbreak (Top 7)

X Factor UK 12 - TOP 13

It’s week 4 of the X Factor UK season 12 and the Top 7 are tackling songs of Love & Heartbreak. Hm. Nevertheless, it was a mostly solid night and another elimination happened at the end of the episode. Who will get cut? Find out after my rankings.

So here is how I thought the Top 7 did.

One Sweet Day

– Stop Acting! Sure, he may say that everything seems to be genuine emotions but for me it really comes across as acting. Plus the vocals were thin and ridiculousy under pitch. 2.5

Dangerous Love/Shut Up & Dance

– They were fun and entertaining but I really can’t take them seriously as they’ve showed the same fun, entertainment each and every week. Also, it seems that the vocals are becoming weaker and weaker that the weakness it has been. 4


– The arrangement made the song a bit unrecognizable but I wish Chè and Nick chose something more contemporary than doing some old school classic songs. It is like Che can only sing dated songs and that’s a scary one trick pony if they want to market him in the current music industry. 6


– The vocals were weak but Mason is proving that he has a place in the current market. He has a certain swag and appeal that is compelling and he is not a bad singer either. 6.5

We Belong Together

– On paper, I thought this will not work but Lauren’s gorgeous vocals and simple take on the song is simply remarkable. Her personality translates and there is just an effortless vocal delivery that I thought she nailed consistently – especially on the last half were the energy picked up. Glorious! 7

Ain’t No Other Man

– Sure it is another uptempo and I think with all these double eliminations happening, Cheryl is playing it safe with the girls. With that being said, 4th Impact has found their mojos and delivered yet a solid performance and the vocals were beautiful and powerful! The runs were properly placed. The grit sounded textured and lovely. The costume gave them a legit pop star persona. The staging is nice. 4th Impact is really back! 8

Let It Go

– The chosen ONE! Haha. The competition is for Louisa to lose and I can’t fault them. She is delivering consistent gorgeous vocals week in, week out! Her delivery of this James Bay hit is strong and actually beautiful! 8

Mason Noise

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