The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (1)

The Voice UK is back! With new artists to root for, new coaches and hopefully a better format? I am still hopeful with this franchise. Sure, The Voice (in any country) hasn’t produced multi-platinum selling artists yet but the superstar coach centric reality singing competition had managed to keep its charm and entertainment value.

While I feel a bit cold with these new panel of coaches, I hope they could warm up to a better and more fun – chemistry filled future episodes.

Now onto the first night of auditions.

Beth Morris
Nutbush City Limits

– Beth’s take on the song lacks something exciting. Was it a grit? the spunk? the performance level? I can’t really pinpoint which but I am pretty sure the performance could have been better. 6

Tom Rickels
Want To Want Me/Love Me Like You Do
[Team WILL]

– Sure the transition between the two songs felt contrived but there is something interesting with Tom that excites me. His vocals weren’t perfect but it was compelling enough to make me believe he will do good on the competition. There are a couple of flat notes here and there but I am satisfied. 7

Brooklynne Richards
Cry To Me
[Team RICKY]

– Brooklynne hits a lot of wobbly notes and her unsure stage presence at the beginning is disappointing. But I must say, Brooklynne is someone that seems willing to learn and her performance of Cry to me isn’t entirely bad. She just needs to watch out on her pitch. 6.5

Dwaine Hayden
Don’t Know Why

– Dwaine for me delivered one of the finest auditions of the night. His falsettos were delicious. He started shaky though but he did a decent job with an R&B twist on this Norah Jones hit. 7

Virtual Insanity
[Team WILL]

– At least he made it a little interesting. I don’t really know yet what to feel about this audition. Half of it, I am entertained but half of it I felt like it wasn’t the right platform for him. 5

Aine Carroll
[Team RICKY]

– Aine’s idea with this Karmin’s hit seems to be a perfect recipe for a successful audition. While, she hit a couple of wobbly, sharp and flat notes, this was decently good! There are moments where her tone was fromt and center. 6.5

Cody Frost
Lay All Your Love On Me
[Team BOY]

– Interesting tone. Interesting look. Cody reminds me of Melanie Martinez from The Voice US and this audition was an interesting one too. Her tone is quirky. The vocals weren’t perfect but I am pleased. 7

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