The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (2)

The Voice UK 5

First night of the Blind Auditions is kinda weak for me. I am still waiting for somebody to give that wow moment or someone who will you root for.

Paloma seems a bit lost no? Haha. Or maybe it was just me.

Now onto the second night of the Blinds.

Charley Blue
Roll Over Beethoven
[Team WILL]

– Unexpected! I was actually thought this will be a joke act that can sing but Charley seems to be very invested with music. Charley sounded decent but I also feel like this performance is suited more in the likes of AGT. 5

Chase Morton
If You Want Me To Stay
[Team BOY]

– Chase’s stage presence is impeccable. His vocals were quite good and Chase had a pretty tone. His vocals weren’t that perfect but he had this lovely tone that is quite compelling. 6.5

Megan Reece
What You Don’t Do

– The clarity to her tone is lovely. Her tone is gorgeous too and the whole performance is quite good. 6.5

Lydia Lucy
[Team WILL]

– The rap verse is quite interesting but her enunciation needed work. There’s thinness to her voice that is quite annoying and she hit lots of wobbly notes. 6.5

Janine Dyer
Bridge Over Troubled Water
[Team RICKY]

– It is such a shame that she missed most of those high notes. Janine delivered what she could do but I am quite disappointed with this. It felt a bit uneven. The vocals were not that solid and her phrasing is a bit muddled. 5

Melissa Cavanagh
[Team BOY]

– The stripped back cover could have worked if it wasn’t that too dragging and then Melissa hit a lot of wobbly notes and the performance was just uneven all throughout. 5

Harry Fisher
Let It Go
[Team BOY]

– The performance lacks emotional strength. Harry delivered a decent albeit some questionable notes but out of tonight, this is probably one of the strongest… for the episode. 6.5

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