The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (3)

The Voice UK 5

Part 3 of the Blind Auditions for the 5th Season of The Voice UK. The lackluster talents is making this season a biy exhausting, I can’t wait for the next rounds. Or at least I hope the future episodes will show some fantastic singers.

By the way, is there a beef between Ricky and Will? Yikes.

On to the third night of the auditions.

Charley Birkin
Rescue Me
[Team BOY]

– Ka-ra-oh-key. Next. 5

Tom Milner
Wait On Me
[Team RICKY]

– Tom didn’t perform a perfect vocal performance but he did a pretty good stage presence and a decent voice. 7

Lauren Lapsley-Browne
Ain’t Nobody
[Team WILL]

– This was lovely at it best but felt short handed when Lauren rests on her laurels. Her vocals didn’t have much dynamics in this performance but with strings of lackluster performance, this easily stood out. 7

Efe Udugba
[Team RICKY]

– Efe attacked the song quite high at the beginning that the performance didn’t really go anywhere after. His vocals were uneven and his high register went sharp. 5

You Do Something To Me

– The almost raspy quality to his voice is interesting. His tone stood out and his vocals were to be honest quite good. This is a case of an audition I didn’t expect much but end up enjoying. 7

Irene Alano-Rhodes
Wind Beneath My Wings
[Team WILL]

– With the clarity of her voice? This is quite good. BUT. This is so dated and old fashioned. Her stage presence is too theatrical. This is… blah. 5


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