On TV: Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional Performance on Idol

The original American Idol took center stage on the first live show of the final season and she brought tears to everybody’s eyes. This is stunning. The very pregnant Queen Idol, Kelly Clarkson, performed an acoustic, slowed down and intimate version of her song “Piece by Piece”. Immediately after her fantastic, emotional performance, the song hit #1 on itunes and now is making waves on pop and HAC radio. Good for her and this song, especially the new version which was released on itunes and now sitting pretty at #4 is a gorgeous vocal performance! Kelly is really the Queen Idol!

Check out Kelly’s performance below:


The Voice UK 5: Battles (1)

This is THE VOICE!!! Finally, the gods of music and reality shows had heard my calling as the teams, coaches and artists gave us an outstanding night of battles. These are not perfect battles but compared to the lackluster blind auditions? This is more entertaining, solid and fun. There are also fantastic battles that easily stood out tonight.

So here goes the first batch of battles for the season. Oh Jordan Gray is also back. Apparently one of Paloma’s artist dropped and she had to choose one to replace her.

Irene Alano-Rhodes [vs] Lydia Lucy

– Irene came alive in this battle compare to her blind auditions. Lydia had a good hold to her notes which is miles better than her audition also. This was a tight battle with both singers missing some notes and also hitting the right ones. 6

WINNER: Lydia Lucy
ELIMINATED: Irene Alano-Rhodes

Dwaine Hayden [vs] Aliesha Lobuczek
Kiss Me

– At first I felt this was an odd pairing but somehow, somewhere in this battle it worked. Dwaine, I think, had a better performance and the song choice suits him more but Aliesha held her own and at some point outsang him. 6.5

WINNER: Dwaine Hayden
STOLEN: Aliesha Lobuczek (Team Ricky)

Charley Birkin (vs) Harry Fisher
I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
Team BOY

– While the performance felt more like a duet than a battle, I thought it was a decent run for both. Upping each other when the opportunity knocks, Harry had better vocals though for me. 6

WINNER: Harry Fisher
ELIMINATED: Charley Birkin

Jolan [vs] Efe Udugba
Beat Surrender

– In this battle, Jolan just outsang Efe right away but I love how he showed how to do it and at the same time respectful enough to hold back when he needs to. In the end, he was outshining his opponent and at the same time giving him his moment. Efe held his own, but sounded weak when he and Jolan were singing together. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this battle. Good stuff! 6.5


Charley Blue [vs] Scott & Vicki
Black Magic

– I love how Charley was able to show that she is more than just the girl who plays classic and cello. She seriously outshine the duo and delivered a solid performance. I feel like Scott & Vicki are still finding it hard to have their groove and sound as one. Their pitches were all over the place. So easily, I’ll give this to Charley. 6

WINNER: Charley Blue
ELIMINATED: Scott & Vicki

Chloe Castro [vs] Alaric Green
Hope There’s Someone

– Gorgeous! Sure, it became a bit theatrical or melodramatic towards the end but the nuanced deliver and gorgeous phrasing were riveting. Chloe to me won this battle but Alaric had some bright moments! 7.5

WINNER: Chloe Castro
STOLEN: Alaric Green (Team Boy)

Faheem [vs] Aaron Hill
Livin’ For The City

– I don’t really think it was smart for Paloma to steal Aaron as I thought the guy struggled bigtime on this match up. His phrasing were muddled and his pitch was all over the place. Faheem had better moments and he sounded pretty and confident in parts. 6

WINNER: Faheem
STOLEN: Aaron Hill (Team Paloma)

Laura Begley [vs] Tobias Robertson
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Team BOY

– Somehow this was a total snoozefest. The vocals were fine to sleepy. The whole thing was just forgettable. 5

WINNER: Laura Begley
ELIMINATED: Tobias Robertson

Jordan Gray [vs] Theo Llewelyn
This Woman’s Work

– Lovely! At first, I wasn’t sure why Paloma chose Jordan as a replacement artist but after this performance, I’m at peace. The vocals were divine. The drama was stellar. The emotions were just stunning! Great emotional battle! Both sounded really good. 8

WINNER: Jordan Gray
STOLEN: Theo Llewelyn (Team Will)

Brooklynne Richards [vs] Tom Milner
Tears Dry On Their Own

– While Tom showed more stage presence and vocally on point, Brooklynne intrigues me. She had this infectious tone that is not perfect and how she held her own to a more polished Tom is quite impressive. The battle could’ve been better but I digress. 6.5

WINNER: Brooklynne Richards

Bradley Waterman [vs] Rick Snowdon
Something’s Got A Hold On Me/I’m A Man

– The song choice do more favors with Rick so I applaud Bradley for pulling a decent battle. Rick sounded great with tons of grit and confidence. But Bradley is more marketable and he was able to held on his own which is impressive. 7

WINNER: Rick Snowdon
STOLEN: Bradley Waterman (Team Boy)

Cody Frost [vs] Heather Cameron-Hayes
Nothing Compares 2 U
Team BOY

– There is something unflattering to Heather’s tone that didn’t sit well on me but the battle was intense, dark and surprisingly a decent job! Cody had better moments and her pitch were more on point than Heather. But still, Heather was able to keep up a good hold of her own to this battle as clearly Cody had better! 6.5

WINNER: Cody Frost
STOLEN: Heather Cameron-Hayes (Team Paloma)

New Track: Demi Lovato – Stone Cold

Is this Demi’s most emotional video yet? The former Disney star and one of the most admire pop artist today has released her newest single, a follow up from “Cool for the summer” and “Confident”. The ballad track shows her more vulnerable side and her vocal capabilities. The video also shows her acting skills on point!

Check out her new track below:

New Track: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

It’s here!!! The long wait is over for the Harmonizers out there as the power pop girl group has released their newest single which will be their lead on for their sophomore album. “Work from home” is backed up with synth production which I think is working real good in here and the formulaic recipe that they had with their biggest hit “Worth it” is evident in here too. Assisted by Ty Dolla $ign this time, the girls deliver harmonies, individual vocal stylings and strutting some incredible hot, sexy dance moves on their music video. Too bad, Lauren is left out again for a solo. Nonetheless, the catchy and urban mixed pop tune is radio friendly, with some underlying sexual innuendo in the lyrics and with Rihanna’s “Work” dominating charts and radio, I do hope 5H’s newest single will bring out a good fight!

Check out the hot guys and of course Fifth Harmony’s newest single on their new video below:

American Idol 15: Top 10

Tonight the original and American Idol queen, Kelly Clarkson, is back to guest judge and also perform as the top 10 are revealed and performs for the public vote.

As a recap, last night 4 artists got a free pass to Top 10 via the judges’ decision. We had Trent Harmon, La’Porsha Renae, Dalton Rapattoni and Olivia Rox getting that priviledge. The rest had to go through some “Wild Card” performance and then the public will vote on who will complete our top 10!

Can we have Kelly Clarkson as guest judge every week? She’s so fun! This is very nostalgic too! I love it. American Idol is making me cry. Also, that performance in the end by Kelly. Wooo! Loved her so much.

Now on to the show.

Manny Torres
Jeneve Mitchell
Thomas Stringfellow
Jenn Blosil

– –


– Too loud! Gianna can sing but she doesn’t really have any control with her vocals. Not to mention, her notes usually betrays her and Listen may have showed her vocal prowess, but it just didn’t gave us an in depth perspective from her. 5

Nothin’ Like You

– Ooops. Was she off pitch for most part? Tristan to me is losing steam in the competition. After her incredible audition, we are left with underwhelming performances that made me wonder if she peaked too early or if she’s really not ready for primetime. 5.5

Skinny Love

– It was laid back. I feel like it was too laid back to make him a contender. He sounded pretty in parts, but some parts also were a bit off. 6


– Woah! I love me some Avalon but the first half is really off. It is a good thing that she was able to pick it up and the second half somehow saved this performance. Nice tone, nice phrasing but she just really needs to be careful with her song choices. 6.5

I See Fire

– His tone is undeniably gorgeous! The song choice suited him well and I love how he managed to keep it interesting without really doing any drastic change with the song. In the end, I thought it was one of the more solid performance of the night. 7

Hey There Delilah

– Dalton continues to impress me! I never really consider him before but the recent past performances from him made me think twice. Tonight he showed some confidence on stage and natural charisma. Sure the performance seemed to be a throwaway but it was enough entertainment. 7

Like I Can

– Trent has some weird facial expressions when he sings but I don’t really mind because I remember Phillip Phillips pulling some weird faces too before and I loved him! Haha. Nonetheless, I thought this was solid! An acquired taste but I thought his vocals were mostly on point. He took some liberties and the runs were enough – not too much! 7.5


– Gorgeous! It was an underrated vocals yet powerful. You can’t really do anything with this Katy Perry song but somehow Olivia Rox walked by on it and deliver a lovely rendition. 8


– Hm. Okay I may get a flak over this as I thought the performance was too much runs! I love that finally La’Porsha took something current and the liberties she took on the song is really impressive. With that being said, La’ Porsha was a vocal beast and she showed it – effortlessly! It was still a solid, gorgeous vocal performance from her. 8

Bring Me To Life

– Surprise! Surprise! Sonika came out alive and gave me what I wanted from her – energy! And she embodied the song’s emotions and her vocals were a bit struggling but I didn’t mind. I was entertained! 8.5

Movie Review: How To Be Single (’16 Christian Ditter)


Starring: Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann..
Director: Christian Ditter
Genre/s: Comedy, Romance

While How to be single isn’t entirely bad, the end product is underwhelming for me. The premise and the first quarter of the movies is quite interesting enough to keep me glued, but once the film picked up, it just went downhill instead. The phasing felt lazy. The story telling is a bit lame. The flow left me cold. Rebel Wilson, which I love, is a bit annoying in here or probably I think her brand of comedy just didn’t work in here or it has been something I have seen from her which is a bit off. Still, the film could’ve been better. 5

New Track: Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move

Ellie Goulding’s current gold “Something in the way you move” finally has its video. The new hit from Ellie which is doing well on pop radio and itunes chart, is a catchy pop tune! The dynamics on the song is also quite lovely as it allows us to enjoy both Ellie’s low notes and high register. This is pretty good!

Check out her newest video below: