The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (5)

The Voice UK 5

I still can’t get behind Boy George and especially Paloma Faith as coaches. Paloma seems to be unsure. I am attributing their vibe and decision making due to being rookie coaches of the show. So I’m still giving them a chance despite some lack of chemistry.. still.

Either way, here is night 5 of the Blind Auditions. Why is it taking so long? Haha.

Vivica Jade
[Team WILL]

– It’s breathy and her phrasing is very muddled. That rap verse saved this performance but even that sounded too breathy. 5

Chloe Castro
From Eden
[Team RICKY]

– Interesting. Chloe Castro has a grit and power to her voice that is not overwhelming but enough and the quirk is passionate and sultry without even trying. The thing though is the song choice is a bit uneven making her performance quite choppy. Nonetheless, I’m interested with her. Could be a total dark horse. 7

Take A Bow
[Team RICKY]

– There is something pitchy on how he ends his notes and the way he drags his voice through the verses is a bit thin and unpleasant. But it was a decent showing, probably a little work on his vocal support. 6

Tobias Robertson
You’ve Got A Friend In Me
[Team BOY]

– Dated. Boring. Zzzz. Decent voice. 5

Bradley Waterman
Forget You

– Bradley showed a good sense of musicality and a timing that I thought showed his authenticity. It was actually a good audition with Bradley’s vocals front and center. No, it wasn’t perfect but I am pleased. 7.5

Mari Marli
Bang, Bang
[Team WILL]

– The arrangement left me on the fence. I felt that the performance is quite over the place. But at least she showed something different. Probably, a little more work on her vocals to make it more consistent and stronger. 5.5

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
[Team BOY]

– Vangelis is poised to deliver a solid performance but got a bit shaky towards the end. Nonetheless, I like this audition. It was unassuming, compelling and Vangelis has a really pretty tone! 7.5


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