The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (6)

The Voice UK 5

What is up with Paloma no? She seems so unsure and tentative on who she wants as her artists. I would understand if she’s picky but then to actually utter words like “I think I would turn around” or ask other coaches if she should turn her chair is just..

Nonetheless, the talent is pretty eclectic with some theatrical, dated and really impressive artists trying to win a coach’s spot in their team.

So here is how tonight went on.

Mia Sylvester
Ain’t No Way
[Team RICKY]

– Gorgeous! It wasn’t near perfect but Mia held her own with the song and delivered it with enough passion and her phrasing sounded lovely. I’m impressed. 7.5

Scott & Vicki
[Team WILL]

– Their harmonies were taking different routes. Individually, Scott sounded better but Vicki had more control. I think they would be better individually or if they really want to work as duo, they need to find a way to meet in between and play on their strengths. 5

Eli Cripps
Real Love
[Team BOY]

– It was a decent audition albeit some off pitch notes he hit. But my main thing about Eli’s audition is that it wasn’t as memorable as I wished it would be no? 6

JJ Soulx
What’s Goin’ On

– The rap part could’ve worked if her transition was flawless. She has style but she needed to find the right rhythm with her plans as sometimes it felt contrived and forced. 6

Theo Llewellyn
Sweet Love

– Sweet! Vocally it was nowhere near perfect but there is a sweet quality to his voice that I adore. The song choice also is refreshing and he did had some moments where his vocals were front and center. 7

Rick Snowdon
I Put A Spell On You

– The way he took the song seems to be it was too big for him. Rick struggled to keep his pitch on point and the high register sounded off. I like the grit in his voice though. 6

Wishing Well
[Team RICKY]

– Solid! Jolan had that enough confidence in him that took this audition is another level – something the others failed to show so far – and then his vocals sounded beautiful too! 7.5


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