The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (7)

The Voice UK 5

It is the end of the Blind Auditions! Finally! As the coaches are finding their last set of artists that will complete their teams, we are catered with some confusing choices and dumb entertainment. I seriously got bored with the blinds this season, hopefully it will pick up on the battles and knockouts!

Anyway here are the last few added artists on each team.

Faith Nelson
Earned It

– She literally began her audition in high register that I felt like it didn’t have enough dynamics. Her pitch sounded thin in parts. I’m on the fence with this. Not sure. Not sure. 5

Rachel Ann
In For The Kill
[Team RICKY]

– She started shaky but picked it up. Sure she hit more sharp notes in parts but there is something about her that could be molded. Her tone is nice. The pitch were a bit all over the place. This is quite impressive. 7

Leighton Jones
Heaven Help Us All
[Team BOY]

– I’m impressed. The tone is quite nice. His delivery is decent. Nothing groundbreaking or great but with auditions ending tonight, I can’t really complain anymore. I liked this though. 6.5

David Barnes
When A Man Loves A Woman
[Team RICKY]

– With a song that has been covered a lot of times and other artists delivered really fantastic ones, David’s version is a tad underwhelming. But with a crop of weak auditions so far? This is already solid! 7

Laura Begley
[Team BOY]

– Forgettable. 5

Aaron Hill
Never Too Much
[Team WILL]

– Muddled phrasing but decent delivery. His tone is quite generic but I digress. 6

Colleen Gormley
When You Say Nothing At All
[Team WILL]

– Sweet tone. Weak delivery. A bit pageant-y. Is Will trying to sabotage himself? His team is pretty weak or I just had to get used on him having weird choices. 5


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