The Voice US 10: Blind Auditions (1)

The Voice is back! Yup, that fast no? This show somehow needed some breather for me but also a part of me is thankful that is back. I’m so confusing! Haha. Anyway, Christina Aguilera is back in the panel and will this be the season a female coach will finally win this show?

Anyway, here is how the first night of the blinds went.

Paxton Ingram
Dancing On My Own

– While there are interesting moments in this performance, I can’t help but compare it to a more compelling delivery from Callum Scott, Cyrus Villanueva or even Jeffery Austin from last season. I feel like Paxton lacks depth when tackled the song and performance was decent. 5

Caity Peters

– Interesting. The nuanced phrasing and her delicate take on this song is quite lovely. She got enough power when she hit those belting parts and then get it back to a velvety, tender feel when she needed to. 7

Nick Hagelin
Lost Stars

Lost Stars is a difficult song to sing especially with the dynamics of it and how signature to Adam’s tone in it, I feel like it is hard to actually see someone nail it with such feeling like what Adam did – at least for me. But I thought Nick held his own and provided those falsettos quite a clear charisma. Sure he hit a couple of flat notes but I digress. I thought this was still solid. 7

Mary Sarah
Where The Boys Are

– Mary sounded pretty on the track and I thought she had that powerful voice that could really do well in the competition. But part of me feels like she came across as dated. 6

Mike Schiavo
Talking Body

– Solid! Adam once again got a good one here and Mike delivered a compelling, strong and beautiful cover of Tove Lo’s Talking Body. It was neat with some interesting vocal choices here and then, Mike managed to keep the whole performance interesting and lovely. Good start! 8

Bryan Bautista
The Hills

– The beginning felt a little shaky but once he picked up, Bryan was able to deliver a solid performance of this The Weeknd song. The delivery was lovely and his shift from his head voice to the chest voice was a nice touch. His falsettos were pretty too – not perfect – but lovely. 7

Abby Celso
Should’ve Been Us

– Power. Check! Stage Presence. Check! Control? It’s a mix. Look, Abby had some really strong voice backing her up but the verses sounded a bit shaky – if not low for her. She had some nice moments but I feel like she needed to control her voice to develop wonderful dynamics within the song. 6.5

John Gilman
Don’t Be Cruel

– And then this happened? How can Adam score one solid artist and one not so much in one night? John seems to be destined as a cannon fodder. That’s it. 4

Alison Porter
Blue Bayou

– Woah! I thought this was undeniably solid. She brought her A-game on stage and delivered an impressive performance. I am not a fan of the song choice but Alison made the most out of it. 8


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