The Voice US 10: Blind Auditions (2)


Night 1 of this season’s The Voice, I thought was a solid night. The coaches were as usual fun but I enjoyed mostly Christina. Though, I hate it when she gloats in a subtle way how good of a singer she is. Lol. I wanted Adam and Blake to take a breather but I guess they always bring fun on the show, no matter what.

Like last night, here is a recap of who got chairs turned. Check them out.

Joe Vivona
Dreaming With A Broken Heart

– Sure there are some pitch issues but man, Joe sounded lovely in his verses. It was quiet and gorgeous. And his high register is surprisingly impressive. Plus, he is cute!!! I loved this! 7

Shalyah Fearing
What Is Love

– Her phrasing needed some work but Shalyah is surprisingly solid. Her dynamics were compelling and the grit is just a reminder of what her and Christina will do in this competition if she goes far. I mean, that was wickedly good!!! 7

Adam Wakefield
Tennessee Whiskey

– Generic but he seems to have a good control on his dynamics but it is still generic for my taste. 6

Caroline Burns
So Far Away

– The cracks in her voice somehow created a texture to her almost thin quality of voice. I thought that was a good thing as it gave us more character from Caroline. This is nice. 7

Emily Keener
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

– Gorgeous! The quiet moments were haunting. This is interesting at its best. A little pitch issues here and there but I digress. 7

Laith Al-Saadi
The Letter

– Woah, initially I thought this would be dated and boring but man the grit and edge on Laith’s voice is simply gorgeous. I really enjoyed this as I find his delivery quite good. 7

Angie Keilhauer
I Hold On

– Eh. Hm. This isn’t even bad at all but I find it quite generic. So I am a bit on the fence yet. 6

Kata Hay
Redneck Woman

– Kata reminds me of Amanda Overmayer from American Idol Season 7. This is so good as Kata showed so much confidence on her delivery, her voice had that sheer power and her grit is not overwrought at all. Plus, she was charming! 8


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