American Idol 15: Top 8

American Idol 15 Final 10

Were the contestants having a bad night? Or was the elimination format somehow bothered them to perform to the fullest? Sure there are few stand outs but with few weeks of live shows and double eliminations every single week, will one mediocre performance affect their chances of winning?!

There is no clear front runner and tonight’s episode showed it so well. Oh, did I say I just hated the elimination format? Haha.

Anyways, how good was Demi Lovato tonight? I thought she outsang almost every one tonight and I was so afraid I might declare her the best of the night if not only for a couple of few that won me over eventually. Now onto the show.


Olivia Rox

– While this wasn’t the strongest performance from Olivia – who I believe had so much potential – this wasn’t bad at all and I love that I saw a different side of her. Her vocals were decent and it had enough spunk. 6.5

Gianna Isabella
If I Ain’t Got You

– Gianna’s thin pitch is a bit uncomfortable for my taste but comparing to her previous body of work, this was her best. Though she fell sharp in some of her high register, Gianna was still able to hold on her own. 6

— –

8. Dalton Rapattoni

– What. just. happened?! I had high hopes from Dalton but the struggle in this straight on cover of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive is evident and his pitch was all over the place. 5

7. Lee Jean
Use Somebody

– Finally something that is not an Ed Sheeran song. Lee delivered a decent yet weak vocal performance. His pitch was nice and his dynamics – a bit lifeless – is quite pretty, still. 6

6. Mackenzie Bourg
I Wanna Dance With Somebody

– Mackenzie had a plan but I feel like this performance is perfect on paper but left me cold on his execution. The vocals were weak. The phrasing was a bit jarring. And there is a lack om depth in his delivery. 6.5

5. Sonika Vaid
Since U Been Gone

– Oh, oh! Why Sonika? While she sounded fine in parts, the whole performance felt like she was shooting was too high that she missed the target. Also, it seems like Sonika hasn’t really find the kind of artist she wants to be. 6.5

4. La’Porsha Renae

– Gorgeous! The dynamics were incredible. The vocal liberties were compelling and La’Porsha just gave a beautiful rendition. 8

3. Avalon Young
Earned It

– The cool vibe in her delivery made Avalon a league of her own. It’s simple. It’s subtle, but it was delivered with conviction, playfulness and warmth. 8

2. Tristan McIntosh
Rest High On That Mountain

– Welcome back! This is what Tristan is known about and her delivery is simply beautiful! It was quiet, deep and emotionally connected. 8.5

1. Trent Harmon
When A Man Loves A Woman

– Fan-freakin-tastic! Trent delivered a solid vocal. His dynamics were delicious. His phrasing is beautiful. And with a tired song choice like this, this ended up as amazing! 9

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