Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe (’16 Dan Villegas)

Starring: Gerald Anderson, Arci Muñoz, Jane Oineza, TJ Trinidad..
Director: Dan Villegas
Genre/s: Romance, Comedy

Who would’ve thought that Star Cinema will produce such light, feel good and entertaining romantic comedy? Always be my maybe is a wonderful delight, a surprising treat and though not perfect, you will be satisfied. The film may have been generic in parts but at the same time it didn’t felt formulaic. The writing is quite pretty. The phasing is not dragging but it had some enough spice, laughter, drama and wit. The main leads had a palpable chemistry which I think could attributed to their material and how Dan Villegas was able to  weave in and out around his actors. Gerald Anderson had a certain nuance that is full of charm in this film. Arci Muñoz recovered well enough from her disappointing performance on her soap opera in ABS-CBN. Here – though I’m a bit distracted with her face – she showed a natural delivery that is just a joy to watch. More on, the film is actually a solid output from Star Cinema. 7.5


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