The Voice US 10: Blind Auditions (5)/Battles (1)

The Voice US Season 10

I still find it ridiculous that they didn’t end the blinds during that Wednesday 2 hours special episode last week. Now we are saddled with half episode of the final 5 artists for Blind Auditions and the start of the Battle Rounds.

Nonetheless, Team Christina is shaping up to be the team to beat with her team stacked with strong talents this season. Will it be finally the season for a female coach to win this show?

Now on to the final Blinds:

Jared Harder
Merry Go Round

– Generic. Blah. 5

Wicked Game

– I didn’t expect this but her sweet yet astonishing tone somehow intrigued me. I wish it could’ve been more tender in terms of the verses but this is a decent effort. 7

Katie Basden
Midnight Rider

– The vocals were powerful but the performance was just okay. I don’t really know as I thought this wasn’t bad at all bug it wasn’t really ground breaking. 6

Jonathan Hutcherson
You & I

– Sweet tone. A little shaky in parts but there is a something about his vocals that suited the song. His raw quality is evident but I thought he held his own quite well. 7

Ayanna Jahnee

– While there is power to her delivery, I am left cold after her audition. Her tone was good. Her delivery is decent. The overall was just flat for me. 6.5

— –

Katie Basden [vs] Ryan Quinn
Maybe I’m Amazed

– Holy, moly Ryan Quinn! I’m in love. The guy just effortlessly sings the song and his high register is just gorgeous. Nothing to take away from Katie but she was better here than during her audition. Her tone is gorgeous. She peaked properly. This was a good battle to be honest! Great job. 7.5

WINNER: Ryan Quinn
STOLEN: Katie Basden (Team Blake)

Brittney Lawrence [vs] Paxton Ingram
I Know What You Did Last Summer

– There is something missing on Brittney’s delivery in here. It is probably the dynamics and liberties. But vocally she was more on point. Paxton had better stage presence and dynamics but his vocals were shaky. As a battle, I thought this was okay. 6

WINNER: Paxton Ingram
ELIMINATED: Brittney Lawrence

Bryan Bautista [vs] Malik Heard
It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

– I am so tired with this song. Can we retire it already? With that being said, this is an electric, solid and wonderful battle. Both Malik and Bryan held their own. I am giving a slight edge om Bryan as his vocals were crazy good, on point and his ad libs were deliciously placed. But yeah, even if I cringed with the song choice, this was still a fantastic battle! 8

WINNER: Bryan Bautista
STOLEN: Malik Heard (Team Pharrell)

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