The Voice US 10: Battles (3)

The Voice US Season 10

It’s the third night of battles and we are closing in to the next round people! One more night! One more night!

Tonight is fairly good. I enjoyed most of the battles and did Alisan Porter just sealed her status as this season’s front runner and possible eventual winner ala Saywer Frederick (S8) and Jordan Smith (S9) had before? Will it be finally the season for a female coach to win this show?

Anyway, here is how the night went on.

Adam Wakefield [vs] Jared Harder
Can’t You See

– It’s a pretty equal battle for me but I think Adam’s grit and tasteful quality in his tone got the edge here. The battle was decent too, allowing both guys to showcase their vocals. If only Jared had a more consistent vocal dynamics, I think a steal will be used here. 7

WINNER: Adam Wakefield
ELIMINATED: Jared Harder

Emily Keener [vs] Jonathan Bach

– Oh. Oh. Emily’s sharp and Jonathan’s flat most of the time. The song didn’t really brought anything from them two and the battle was just odd from the beginning til’ the end. 4

WINNER: Emily Keener
ELIMINATED: Jonathan Bach

Daniel Passino [vs] Kristen Marie
Turning Tables

– I am surprised on how I thought this was a solid albeit some pitch issues battle. Daniel clearly had more vocal dynamics but Kristen held her own. Daniel though took more liberties on her vocal choices. 6.5

WINNER: Daniel Passino
ELIMINATED: Kristen Marie

Abby Celso [vs] Brian Nhira

– I. am. impressed! The arrangement is quite lovely. The vocals were fantastic. I enjoyed Abby but Brian took it in a more confident and compelling level. The battle was fun, solid and I thought it was pretty even at some point. 8

WINNER: Abby Celso
STOLEN: Brian Nhira (Team Adam)

Caroline Burns [vs] Mike Schiavo
Like I’m Gonna Lose You

– Caroline had more guts here as I feel like Mike went on a safe side. But Mike is more consistent vocally and his getting eliminated early is an utterly disappointment! 7

WINNER: Caroline Burns
ELIMINATED: Mike Schiavo

Alisan Porter [vs] Lacy Mandigo
California Dreamin’

– Why are they shouting? Alisan clearly outperformed Lacy here! Her dynamics is strong albeit I feel like I have been hearing her scream more than ever. Lacy held her own because well Alisan seems to be the chosen one from day one. 7

WINNER: Alisan Porter
STOLEN: Lacy Mandigo (Team Blake)


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