The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamBlake)

#TeamBlake surprised me tonight as I never expect how diverse and surprisingly strong his team is. More so, there are actually artists in his team I never thought I would say that I enjoy their performances tonight. I just hope tomorrow night, for his coach save he will choose wisely and I hope America vote the right ones too.

(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden

– I saw a good potential from her and with a tone reminiscent to Carrie Underwood, I thought this girl could do well on the competition. But she seems to be falling flat to my expectations and her performancr tonight, I find really blah. 5

How Deep Is Your Love

– The song choice is quite interesting and showed us the entertainment side which is Paxton’s strongest point. But the vocals suffered badly as he hit a lot of sharp and flat notes and the performance went all over the place. 5.5

Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)

– When I found out that Blake is bringing back Justin for I thought he got robbed during the Battles, I was excited but the song choice didn’t do well for him sadly. I thought he was better than this. 5.5

Georgia Rain

Georgia Rain is an interesting choice from Katie and she’s this vocalist that I always think is very dependable. But how I wish she’d go more contemporary and went more familiar with the song choice. This was vocally decent not as strong as her knockouts and battles though. 7 

Seven Spanish Angels

– Adam is a serious threat. His grip with his vocals is superb and his grasp with his notes is admirable. He knows how to play with his strengths. Now what I want to see from him is something unexpected and that I think will bring him to the finals and be treated as a serious dark horse. 7.5

Long Train Runnin’

– At first this will be corny and cheesy but I was proven wrong. Joe would always go overboard with his vocals and dynamics but tonight, he found a way to mix power and delicate nuances to a really good performance. 8

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