The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamChristina)


I kinda expected #TeamChristina to slay this round of the competition as until now I am not sure who will make up her final 3 going to the Final 12. Probably, Alisan Porter is a lock but this is The Voice. You will never know. I mean, Christina’s team is stacked with one sexy R&B dude, a balladeer hearththrob, a front runner, a solid diva belter and a rocker chick. Not to mention for her comeback artist, Christina added another hearthrob with a backstory. But somehow her team fell short to the expectations amidst some decent to good performances.

Nonetheless, here is how I rank her team.

Rise Up

– What just happened? Tamar just went overboard with her vocal acrobats and she fell so bad, it hurt her chances to continue. 2

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

– Kata is all personality for me and I love that about her. While it was smart for Christina to showcase her vocals with this song – I thought she did a decebt job – I am afraid that it will not be enough. Her vocals aren’t perfect at all but I was satisfied. 7


– This is a case of perfect vocals but left me cold. Probably because it was missing that special touch. Her runs felt precise albeit sounded like she’s showboating. I think I needed more emotional investment from her because so far she’s giving us really on the spot vocal performances but not something you will watch over and over again. 7.5


– I may be in the minority for this but I actually like this performance more than Alisan. The vocals were not as perfecf as Alisan but I felt him. There are parts that were really good and while the performance is flawed, I still thought he made a good case for him. 7.5


– Bryan’s Pillowtalk is no way bad but coming from that fantastic Knockout performance, this is a bit underwhelming from him. Still, good performance though. He showed his vocal dynamics well, his personality is well played and there is just an effortless charisma from him that is undeniable. 8

I’m Not The Only One

– Yes Ryan! This gorgeous man pulled a well delivered version of this Sam Smith hit. He gave a nuanced performance. His vocals were lovely. He gave dynamics from those gorgeous power high notes to the soft notes that registered like butter. My only problem: He performed in the death spot which is too early, I am not sure if people would remember to vote for him. But how can you miss out on this gorgeous man?! 8.5

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