The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamPharrell)


What. just. had. happened. I’m speechless. We do know that Pharrell has the tendency to give his artists the most boring, outdated song choices but how his whole team crash and burn on this episode is beyond me. Even with the ones I expected to deliver wasn’t able to do so.

So with no further adieu, here’s how the night went.

I’ll Be Waiting


Love Is A Battlefield

– Clearly, Lacy is too young for this but the main thing is I don’t really think she and the coaches knew what kind of artist she fits in. Lacy became the cannon fodder that she was pegged on in the first place. 3

Still Crazy After All These Years

– I seriously dozed off halfway of her performance that I had to rewatch it again. Yup, that’s how boring it was. 3

Love Yourself

– Song choice, I thought would be a good fit for Moushumi but the arrangement and performance itself is painful – at least for me. Her tone sounded uneven. Her notes were inconsistent. But the whole thing was a big blah. 4

When I Was Your Man

– For a comeback artist to perform better than more than half of Pharrell’s team, you know that Pharrell is making interesting choices this season. Haha. Daniel is a capable singer and his take on this song is decent but a bit forgettable. 5.5

Ain’t No Way

– I had high hopes from Hannah especially after she time to time keeps om impressing me but tonight she fell short from what I expected and her inconsitent vocals made me think that her voice is choosing particular song choices that will masterfully make her shine. Tonight, Hannah hit a couple of sharp and flat notes and her phrasing sounded a bit uneven. 6


APRIL 2016 Playlist

Playlist (2016)

Wow, I can’t believe we are now at the 4th month of the year and there has been really a lot of good music released recently that I am very happy to share with you so you can consider them on your monthly change of playlists.

So here you go, 15 songs that I personally and currently fancy that I think you can consider for your playlist.

1 BahariWild Ones
2 Bebe Rexha (ft. Nicki Minaj)No Broken Hearts
3 Benny Benassi (ft. Chris Brown)Paradise
4 Carly Rae JepsenBoy Problems
5 Drake (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)One Dance
6 FantasiaUgly
7 Iggy AzaleaTeam
8 Jason DeruloIf It Ain’t Love
9 Jennifer LopezAin’t Your Mama
10 Justin BieberCompany
11 Nick Jonas (ft. Tove Lo)Close
12 Pentatonix (ft. Jason Derulo)If I Ever Fall In Love
13 RihannaKiss It Better
14 Taylor SwiftNew Romantics
15 Will.I.Am (ft. Pia Mia)Boys & Girls

New Track: Pentatonix (ft. Jason Derulo) – If I Ever Fall In Love

Pentatonix released their newest single and video and it is a collaboration with Jason Derulo. Hey Jason has been collaborating a lot with other artists no? Anyway, it’s amazing how this group has been doing with their mouths – no pun intended – and the sound is just radio friendly and pop tunes!

Check out their newest single below:

The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamAdam)


To be fair, #TeamAdam actually delivered better performances than #TeamPharrell which is surprising especially knowing that Pharrell’s team is stronger. But then again, this is still an underwhelming showing from a group that at the course of the season, I thought, will be one of the best seasons of the show in terms of talent.

Anyway, here is how I rank Adam’s team.


Sara Smile

– Zzzzz. Why choose him over Mike Schiavo for your comeback artist Adam? 3



– Painful. Brian could do better than this. I do appreciate he wanted to take his performances to the next level and taking a Sia hit would be tough but it could either be a hit or miss. He missed so bad. 3


With A Little Help From My Friends

– Look, Laith sang the song decently but I feel like I’ve seen this from him already. Is he one trick pony or he just performs a good cover but not really giving that lasting impression? 6



– The predictability of the song choice and the diva runs were obvious recipe of a safe bet to the next round. Shalyah has this raw, natural gift but I hope Adam will find a way to elevate her from a singer to an artist. She could sing and the flawed but decent cover of this Beyonce song showed that she can be a threat. 6.5


All I Want

– Woah! Caroline surprised me tonight out of all the artists that performed in both teams. Her rendition of All I Want isn’t perfect but there is an amount of goodness to it that I did not expect. Her tone sounded better and her phrasing is quite beautiful. 7



– Owen is a fantastic story teller and this kind of song choice could really bring him to the finals. No, this isn’t really spectacular in any means but with a string of ridicuously bad performances? who am I to complain about this. 7.5

The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamChristina)


I kinda expected #TeamChristina to slay this round of the competition as until now I am not sure who will make up her final 3 going to the Final 12. Probably, Alisan Porter is a lock but this is The Voice. You will never know. I mean, Christina’s team is stacked with one sexy R&B dude, a balladeer hearththrob, a front runner, a solid diva belter and a rocker chick. Not to mention for her comeback artist, Christina added another hearthrob with a backstory. But somehow her team fell short to the expectations amidst some decent to good performances.

Nonetheless, here is how I rank her team.

Rise Up

– What just happened? Tamar just went overboard with her vocal acrobats and she fell so bad, it hurt her chances to continue. 2

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

– Kata is all personality for me and I love that about her. While it was smart for Christina to showcase her vocals with this song – I thought she did a decebt job – I am afraid that it will not be enough. Her vocals aren’t perfect at all but I was satisfied. 7


– This is a case of perfect vocals but left me cold. Probably because it was missing that special touch. Her runs felt precise albeit sounded like she’s showboating. I think I needed more emotional investment from her because so far she’s giving us really on the spot vocal performances but not something you will watch over and over again. 7.5


– I may be in the minority for this but I actually like this performance more than Alisan. The vocals were not as perfecf as Alisan but I felt him. There are parts that were really good and while the performance is flawed, I still thought he made a good case for him. 7.5


– Bryan’s Pillowtalk is no way bad but coming from that fantastic Knockout performance, this is a bit underwhelming from him. Still, good performance though. He showed his vocal dynamics well, his personality is well played and there is just an effortless charisma from him that is undeniable. 8

I’m Not The Only One

– Yes Ryan! This gorgeous man pulled a well delivered version of this Sam Smith hit. He gave a nuanced performance. His vocals were lovely. He gave dynamics from those gorgeous power high notes to the soft notes that registered like butter. My only problem: He performed in the death spot which is too early, I am not sure if people would remember to vote for him. But how can you miss out on this gorgeous man?! 8.5

New Track: Taylor Swift – New Romantics

Taylor Swift released probably her final single from her 1989 album before she starts recording and releasing her new album which I think is on the works. “New Romantics” a pop track is a follow up to “Out of the woods” and the video seems to be more like a tour tribute where it features highlights from her 1989 tour. The single is upbeat, typical Taylor happy vibe kind of single.

Check out her new song and video below:

The Voice US 10: Live Playoffs (#TeamBlake)

#TeamBlake surprised me tonight as I never expect how diverse and surprisingly strong his team is. More so, there are actually artists in his team I never thought I would say that I enjoy their performances tonight. I just hope tomorrow night, for his coach save he will choose wisely and I hope America vote the right ones too.

(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden

– I saw a good potential from her and with a tone reminiscent to Carrie Underwood, I thought this girl could do well on the competition. But she seems to be falling flat to my expectations and her performancr tonight, I find really blah. 5

How Deep Is Your Love

– The song choice is quite interesting and showed us the entertainment side which is Paxton’s strongest point. But the vocals suffered badly as he hit a lot of sharp and flat notes and the performance went all over the place. 5.5

Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)

– When I found out that Blake is bringing back Justin for I thought he got robbed during the Battles, I was excited but the song choice didn’t do well for him sadly. I thought he was better than this. 5.5

Georgia Rain

Georgia Rain is an interesting choice from Katie and she’s this vocalist that I always think is very dependable. But how I wish she’d go more contemporary and went more familiar with the song choice. This was vocally decent not as strong as her knockouts and battles though. 7 

Seven Spanish Angels

– Adam is a serious threat. His grip with his vocals is superb and his grasp with his notes is admirable. He knows how to play with his strengths. Now what I want to see from him is something unexpected and that I think will bring him to the finals and be treated as a serious dark horse. 7.5

Long Train Runnin’

– At first this will be corny and cheesy but I was proven wrong. Joe would always go overboard with his vocals and dynamics but tonight, he found a way to mix power and delicate nuances to a really good performance. 8