The Voice Australia 5: Blind Auditions (1)

And we’re back!!! Jessie J is back for another season with Delta and the Madden Brothers and they welcome a new panel that is very much familiar to reality singing contest. Drumroll please. Ex X-Factor Australia judge Ronan Keating joins the red chair spinning phenom show!

Anyway, here are the first set of Blinds passers:

Alfie Arcuri

– There is a sweet spot to his tone that is undeniably lovely. His phrasing is gorgeous too and the way he navigated his verses was simply delicious. 8

Blake Morgan
Talk Is Cheap

– I’m impressed! The haunting quality to his voice is not expected but it somehow worked on the build up he did. The vocals were lovely. The phrasing needed some control but I digress! 7

Jack Pelow
From Eden

– There are obvious nerves here. But the quality of his voice is really gorgeous. He has his own tempo that you would think his timing is off but somehow as a whole, it worked and it had that own personality! 7

Maddison McNamara

– Maddison knows her technical. The way she phrased and navigate her verses were pretty precise. But even if her audition is decent and good, it somehow left me cold. 6

Lexi Clark
Nothing’s Real But Love

– The grit and power behind her vocals is pretty remarkable. She just needs that control to keep that pitch solid but Lexi seems to be a strong artist on a young age. 7


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