The Voice Australia 5: Blind Auditions (2)

The Voice Australia Season 5

We had a solid first day of auditions and the chemistry of this year’s panel is quite charming! Now onto the second set of blind auditions.

Elle Murphy
Devil Inside

– I am a bit perplexed with the vocals. She sounded off key in parts but the overall sounded raw but solid. Maybe she needed more consistent key take and control. 7

Tash Lockhart
Turning Tables

– She lacks confidence but the vocals were actually pretty. The verses sounded shaky but I digress. 7

Claire Howell
Who You Are

– Her tweaks gave a good texture to this performance that differentiate it to Jessie’s version. It was a good take. Her ad libs is pretty and vocals were solid. 7.5

MarryAnn Wright
Maybe This Time

– It was a pretty good vocal performance but felt a bit theatrical if not karaoke. 6.5

Lane Sinclair
When You Were Young

– It was a decent rendition but felt disconnected. The vocals were a bit shaky too. 6.5

Georgia Carey
Let It Go

– Beautiful! It was a delicate, neat and gorgeous rendition. Her phrasing is stunning. Her vocals sounded like butter. Amazing! 9


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