The Voice Australia 5: Blind Auditions (4)

The Voice Australia Season 5

Keep it coming!!! The talent is really good this season!!! I am so excited. Hopefully it will be this good until the end.

Now on to the blind auditions passers tonight.

Andrew Loadsman

– He rocked out this rendition of “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. He took the liberties to different areas that made it his. The Madden Brothers was a bit too over the top when they said this is the best audition ever but I must say this is quite good. 7.5

Calvin Swart

– His tone is interesting enough to take a pretty good take on this Taylor Swift’s hit. The performance is not perfect but it had moments of pure, raw vocal talent. 7

Casey Rose
Poker Face

– I must say, I agree with both Ronan and the Madden brothers that Casey sounded really good than Barnaby. Her voice is pretty and decent. A little inconsistent but I digress. 7

Marcia Howard
Fields Of Gold

– There are parts sounded really good but there are also parts that are off key. This is an inconsistent vocal performance and a bit sleepy. 6

Aaliyah Warren
Runnin’ (Lose It All)

– It was shaky and inconsistent. The vocals were a bit off pitch in parts but there is a raw talent from her that went to places. 6.5

Adam Ladell

– Special! Sure, he got off pitch in parts but there are parts that sounded really beautiful. His tone is angelic and pretty. 7


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