The Voice Australia 5: Blind Auditions (7)

The Voice Australia Season 5

This is an okay episode for me. Although, I just can’t wait for the Blinds to be over. It felt too long no?

Here are the ones who got at least one chair turned.

Kim Sheehy
She Used To Be Mine

– For me, it’s tough to take a Sara Bareilles song especially with that emotional connection that she masterfully done. Kim did a serviceable take with some pitch issue but I digress. It was still a good one. 7

Kylie Jane Howard
What I Did For Love

– Genericly good. 6

Shirin Majd
Ave Maria

– Not my cup of tea. Next. 4

Talia Giancaspro

– Shaky vocals, sure. But that sweet tone is simply gorgeous. She just needs to master her techniques and control and she will be good. 6.5

The Koi Boys
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)

– This is literally something I did not expect they could pull off. A classic tune with dance moves and their pitch and harmonies were perfect. They sounded great individually and they sounded good together. I think they can surprise us further more. 8


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