The Voice Australia 5: Blind Auditions (8)

The Voice Australia Season 5

Final set of auditions and I’m so happy. At some point, I really felt that the Blinds took way too long! But I must say, the last two episodes (yes I combined them into one post) showed a really strong set of auditions.

Check them out.

Jasmin Jade Nasser
Almost Is Never Enough

– Her low register and control is impeccable and simply beautiful. I am just looking for that extra oomph that will elevate this performance into something spectacular. 7

Nada-Leigh Nasser
And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going

– If her sister lacks power, Nada has that power vocals that she stretched too much that it became pitchy in parts. But she’s in a good hands as I feel like Jessie can teach her how to work on her pipes. And I still cringe on the song choice. Ugh. 6.5

Astrid Ripepi

– She started real strong a bit too generic but really beautiful tone. The second half sounded off though. Her high register is off pitch. 6.5

Nic Jeffries
Bridge Over Troubled Water

– I like how he took his time with the song and how delicately and phrased the song. He sounded beautiful. It was a lovely performance. 7

Nazzereene Taleb

– There are parts that sounded really good but some parts sounded shaky and a bit off key. She needed work on her techniques. 6.5

Georgia Wilgins
All I Want

– Georgia has an interesting tone with lack of control. Some of her pitch were all over the place but she has this potential to do well. 6.5

Natasha Hoeberigs
Cry Me A River

– This performance is a bit perplexing for me. I can’t really tell if I like it or not. The vocals were fine but too intensed. 6

Sarah Browne
Make You Feel My Love

– Decent but nothing special. 6

Andrew McKinnon

– There are parts here that were good but for most of it, his pitch is a bit all over. He lacks control and some notes sounded sharp. 6

Ellen Reed

– It’s tough to take a Sia song because I feel like she did write those songs that only her can sing but I must say, Ellen did a pretty good job with this song. It wasn’t perfect but she put some key changes and ad libs that I thought were pretty incredible. This is actually a solid take. 7.5

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