Cover: Boyce Avenue – Cheap Thrills

Boyce Avenue is on a roll no? They have been uploading covers and covers and covers and covers on their youtube channel. This time, the band – mainly Alejandro – covered Sia’s current radio hit, “Cheap Thrills”. It is a typical stripped down cover from them but it is a lovely vocal one.

Check out the cover below:


Movie Review: The Shallows (’16 Jaume Collet – Serra)

Starring: Blake Lively, Brett Cullen..
Director/s: Jaume Collet – Serra
Genre/s: Thriller

No, the film that stars Gossip Girl alumna Blake Lively isn’t the most spectacular and ground breaking film but it was a decent popcorn movie especially for the summer. The narrative is generic and sometimes on the edge of ridiculousness. But the film
had some high points. It was a thrill adventure. You root for her. You feel for her. You just have to be on her side and I think that part of reaction to the film is strongly attributed to Blake Lively’s undeniably solid presence and performance. It was actually a film that is entertaining enough and I can’t complain with that. It allows me to enjoy such film and for what its worth – I thought they did a good, decent job! 7

New Track: Fifth Harmony (ft. Fetty Wap) – All In My Head (Flex)

Fifth Harmony has dropped their newest video and the follow up single to their smash hit, “Work from home”. The single, “All in my head (flex)”, is a collaboration featuring breakout rapper Fetty Wap! The track is very catchy and infectious and this could be another hit from the girl group. Oh, the video is really hot and full of hot bodies and skimpy bikinis. Haha

Anyway, check out their videos below:

The Voice Australia 5: Top 12

The Voice Australia 5: Live Shows

We are in week 2 of our live shows and competition is turning out to be very interesting. The artists are really in it to win it and the top spot is in anybody’s hand. Oh, the coaches are pretty fun too with their chemistry – very impeccable. And I love how they just don’t sugarcoat. They will say what they want to say without being nitpicky. Great stuff!

Anyway, I’m glad that the public will now entirely decide on who will be safe.

On to the performances.


Life On Mars

– What was that? I’m sorry but even though I like Lane, this was just weak, cringe worthy for me. At some point I got scared with her rendition. Yikes. 4

Killing Me Softly

– Aaliyah needed more confidence to pull this in a cool, smooth manner. She had bright moments especially during the beginning but once she second guessed herself, she became timid and unsure that her vocals were also affected. 5

Hold Back The River

– I thought once again Andrew gave a solid performance albeit some verses were a little heavy in terms of how he sang them. But still I think it was a good one. 7


Chasing Cars

– Adam had some good moments in here and I thought his tone sounded his best yet. His vocals turned shaky towards the end but I digress. 6

Lay Me Down

– While I thought Alfie once again delivered a solid performance, I also think that it was starting to be predictable. He did find some ways to do some liberties in terms of his vocal choices but it just didn’t do anything else for him. 7

Wild Things

– Lovely! The tempo may have made her a bit frantic in terms of wording out the verses but her tone matched by the simple acoustic guitar arrangement of the song made her vocals front and center and I loved it! Also the song choice made it clear that Kim can do something current and structured. Great job Kim. 8


Stone Cold

– Ellen once again performed probably the night’s best vocal performance but I do feel like her connections were limited and there is a wall up. I needed to feel more from her. This is nowhere to be bad but I needed her to let go more. 7.5

Stressed Out

– Wow. Jack showed that he is capable of doing something comfortable, solid and I thought an impeccable overall performance. His tone sounded beautiful and the arrangement worked on his favor. 8


– That beginning is divine and I thought provided dimension to the whole performance. Mikaela was able to show different sides of her in just one performance and she just showed that she is a capable artist in the real world. Her vocals were soaring – not perfect – but it was enough to rank her as Jessie’s best for the night. 8.5


Wasn’t Expecting That

– It wasn’t even a bad performance but it felt safe and like a throwaway one. The vocals were good in fact his tone soared and the performance kinda gave us a more front and center vocals from Mitch but the end product is kinda dull and forgettable. 6.5

Fast Car

– I like some of the vocal choices she did and even if she stumbles towards the end, she picked up and end it beautifully. I thought it was a good rendition with some parts that were really great. 7


– It was actually a solid showing from a different side from Tash. I enjoyed every bit of it. Her vocals were solid and her phrasing sounded pretty. I’m impressed even more. 8

On TV: Carpool Karaoke With Selena Gomez

It’s another Carpool Karaoke episode on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Tonight’s guest is Selena Gomez who has hits after hits after hits on both radio and charts. The episode is yet another fun one with lots of music!!! Selena has some really nice, infectious songs no? I can’t help but sing along!

Check it out below:

Movie Review: Finding Dory (’16 Andrew Stanton)

Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Dianne Keaton, Eugene Levy, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell…
Director/s: Andrew Stanton
Genre/s: Animation

Finding Dory had managed to maintain its charm. The story is a bit generic but I digress. It was still something with the right mix of hilarity and emotions. The phasing is lovely. The visuals are still a treat. It is entertaining at its best and voice acting is spot on.  The film in over all is just delightful and pleasant. 8

Movie Review: Now You See Me 2 (’16 Jon M. Chu)

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco…
Director/s: Jon M. Chu
Genre/s: Mystery, Suspense

A star-studded piece with more twist, turns and a bigger product than its predecessor indeed. But the generic story writing and a little anti-climactic phasing makes the film underwhelming. On my own point of view, the film isn’t bad. It had some good moments with visuals that I actually enjoyed as well. The actors were pretty good too albeit some uninspired moments. Nonetheless, I thought it wasn’t able to sustain the goodness of the first but it was able to do some damage control in parts. Oh, I think Lizzy Caplan was pretty terrific. Lol. 5