The Voice Australia 5: Super Battles (#TeamMadden)

After the Battles, it is time to trim down more people. No SAVES. No SECOND CHANCES. Only 4 ARTISTS are going through to the live shows.

This season, the coaches were asked to seperate their team into 2 groups of 4. Each group are given respective themes to perform and only 2 artists from each group will move forward.

Now let’s see TEAM MADDEN.

Group 1: Aaliyah Warren, Andrew Loadsman, Blake Morgan, Nazzereene Taleb
Theme: Boys & Girls

Group 2: Carmel Rodrigues, Lane Sinclair, Lexi Clark, Talia Giancaspro
Theme: American Anthems

I’d Do Anything For Love

– Vocals were fine but it was so karaoke backed up with a total rehearsed stage work that left me a bit cold and not caring. 5

Dark Horse

– While Blake seems to be committed with this performance but his poor vocal choices and ad libs put his pitch either sharp or flats in parts. 5.5


– Decent but forgettable. Next. 6

7 Years

– A bit overdone that cause her pitch to go all over the place but she’s a fighter and this is kinda an in-your-face slap performance to her former coach. I think Aaliyah had tons of potential and she’s ready for primetime unlike what Jessie has been saying before but there are really technical stuff she needs to learn and Jessie could have taught her those if she didn’t gave up on her. 6.5

Seven Nation Army

– Lexi can sing and her take on Seven Nation Army is decent and had some solid moments. Sure I wish she took more chances but I think her strong quality of tone provided a really good case of her versatility. 7

Earned It

– Nazzereene sounded gorgeous on this and I think she was underated for an already made decision for her group. This wasn’t anything special but at least she hit most of her notes. A bit overdone in parts but I digress. 7

I’m On Fire

– The haunting quality of her tone is quite special. She had moments but her phrasing sounded a bit muddled and her pitch kinda got off towards the end. 7

Lean On

– There was a sense of urgency on this performance that made it somehow identifiable on Andrew. His vocals were as solid as expected but the way he navigated the verses is what made this a really compelling rendition. 7.5


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