Movie Review: The Shallows (’16 Jaume Collet – Serra)

Starring: Blake Lively, Brett Cullen..
Director/s: Jaume Collet – Serra
Genre/s: Thriller

No, the film that stars Gossip Girl alumna Blake Lively isn’t the most spectacular and ground breaking film but it was a decent popcorn movie especially for the summer. The narrative is generic and sometimes on the edge of ridiculousness. But the film
had some high points. It was a thrill adventure. You root for her. You feel for her. You just have to be on her side and I think that part of reaction to the film is strongly attributed to Blake Lively’s undeniably solid presence and performance. It was actually a film that is entertaining enough and I can’t complain with that. It allows me to enjoy such film and for what its worth – I thought they did a good, decent job! 7


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