Glee: Season 6 Previews


Basically, this is the last and final season of once a hit series of Fox. Glee, to be honest, became stale, too much and the storylines of each characters just didn’t go anywhere anymore. I guess the “New York” plot just didn’t work at all and Ryan Murphy’s continuous focused on the gay-lesbian theme storyline made the whole show polarizing. I have no problem with that and I was one of those who root with the innovative idea of exploring these kind of stories but then some, if not most, became too much, redundant and unnecessary. At some point, I actually thought everybody else will turn out to be gay/lesbian.

Nonetheless, I am still hopeful for the final season which promises returns of the past casts and the focus went back to McKinley. New twists involve Mr. Schue now coaching rival, Vocal Adrenaline while Blaine Anderson is back with The Warblers. Rachel (Lea Michelle) & Kurt (Chris Colfer) are now back at McKinley and helping out its school where still Coach Sue (Jane Lynch) is at hunt to destroy glee club.. again, again and again. I hope the final season will sustain and keep its relevance fresh, exciting and fun just like Season 1!

Glee is back on January 9, 2015 with a two hour premiere.

Check out the original casts’ performance of AHA’s Take On Me:

Now check out The Warbler’s with their new head coach, returning back to his old school.. Blaine Anderson(!!!!). They performed Ed Sheeran’s big hit, Sing!, which reminds me of season 5’s performance of Sing-Off’s The ExChange.