The Voice UK 3: 15 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


I tried checking on the UK franchise of The Voice and surprisingly, I find myself hooked with it. The talent was unbelievable. If there is one thing I could pin point to as something flawed in this franchise if their elimination process during the Live Shows. I swear, I feel like the pre-liveshows were longer than the live shows itself. In a span of 3 weeks, we already crown a winner? Haha.

Anyway, in every reality singing competition I cover, I usually round it up with the best performances for that particular season. So with no further adieu, here are the chosen 15 performances that I personally thought were the best ones in season 3.

Here you go..


15. Nomakhosi Nkosi
Runaway Baby

– It is a tough to sing a Bruno Mars song – more so this track – which is very wordy and rhythmic. But Nomakhosi, who has the most difficult name to remember, pulled this off quite well. Her vocal choices were impressive. Her vocals were mostly on point.


14. Sophie May Williams

– Her tone worked perfectly well in this track. There is something interesting on her delivery that is like current meets old halfway and it sounded pretty nice.


13. Christina Marie
Quarter Finals

– Can this girl do anything wrong? This is yet again another absolute vocal performance. Her voice soared beautifully and this was absolutely stunning.


12. Jermaine Jackman
A House Is Not A Home

– Finally, something from Jermaine that was not overwrought yet has that enough power to pull such emotional track. His vocals were spot on. And his phrasing? Gorgeous!


11. Lee Glasson

– While the build up felt exhausting at times, Lee pulled this beautifully. There is delicateness in his delivery that I adore and the high registers were spot on.


10. Christina Marie
Bang Bang

– Sure the production is a little distracting for my taste, but her vocals alone were powerful and front and center. I mean, the good outweighs the bad in here and all in all, it was another solid performance from Christina!


9. Jamie Johnson
I Can’t Make You Love Me

– While the song choice is a little exhausting already (it has been covered so many times already), but somehow Jamie find a way to make it sound like he was introducing it to the audience for the first time. No he didn’t do any drastic rearrangement on the song but there is something fresh about his delivery that is pleasant yet powerful.


8. Christina Marie
The Power Of Love

– This is a reprise performance but this time Christina is performing it alone. (She did it during the Battles) And yet again, Christina amazes me. Her vocal control here is impeccable. Her tone sounded really nice. It was just so beautiful to listen.


7. Sally Barker
Dear Darlin’

– Who knew? During the battles, she won because she could sing better. But when she did it again during the finale, she impresses me so much. She sounded really current. Her vocals were strong. Her delivery is pretty solid. Everything just worked together perfectly.


6. Jamie Johnson
Sex On Fire

– The song choice left me cold at first but Jamie made me love it. His delivery was slick, sexy, gritty yet super solid. His vocals were strong. His phrasing is beautiful. His overall stage presence is simply impeccable.


5. Jamie Johnson
A Thousand Miles
Quarter Finals

– I absolutely love this song! Jamie pulled a watercooler track and turn it into something even more gorgeous. It wasn’t the usual soft ballad acoustic take, Jamie turned it into more pop-R&B with his grit and confidence taking center stage. His vocal choices were gorgeous as well. Really impressive.


4. Christina Marie
Vision Of Love

– Absolute killer! You can’t just sing a Mariah Carey song, and if you did, you have to nail it. And she did! Probably her strongest performance to date.


3. Rachael O’Connor & Amelia O’Connell
Holy Grail
Battle Rounds

– At first I wasn’t sure about the song choice and to actually battle it out sounds really ridiculous. But then these two delivered a strong slap in the face and showed how it was done. Quite frankly this is the only battle that mattered. Their vocals were strong. The arrangement was nice. The delivery… spot on!


2. Jamie Johnson
Missing You

– Him missing out the crown or even at least the runner up status still amuses me. During the finale round, Jamie gave the best performance out of everybody. The soft verse was brilliant and smooth. The build up adds dynamics to his performance. And once the whole performance heightened up, it was a winning moment! Jamie didn’t just perform, he delivered!


1. Christina Marie
Fix You

– Vocally stunning! Amazing! Nuff said.