The Voice UK 4: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)

The Voice UK is back for a new season. Now coming for its Season 4, the franchise welcomes us with a new coach in the name of Rita Ora.

I had high expectations with this season because last season, we saw in particular pretty stellar casts. The artists were terrific. During the blinds for the season, it showed a lot of promise from individual to duos that showcased a potential that I was ecstatic about.

But then, this franchise of the show just had the worst format. I mean, the mass elimination, the weird three week live shows and a bored Will.I.Am in the panel. Haha.

Nonetheless, even if I don’t totally agree with most of the coaches’ choices during the Battles and Blinds and how they didn’t maximize the power they had, I still think we saw some terrific performances this season.

So with no further adieu, here are the TOP 20 PERFORMANCES of The Voice UK Season 4.

20. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Jake Shakeshaft & Stephen Cornwell

– I still don’t know how Will chose Jake over Stephen. But this performance completely sold me from the good verses and fantastic chorus. Of course, Stephen completely stole the battle towards the end and he has better pitch than Jake. Watch it here.

19. Right Kind Of Wrong
Karis Thomas
Blind Auditions

– It was a simple delivery but the grit on her tone made the audition backed up with texture and color. Her vocals were gorgeous and the pitch was nice. Watch it here.

18. She Looks So Perfect
Stephen Cornwell
Blind Auditions

– The stripped down version was a brave idea especially after a series of bombast auditions. But Stephen sang the goodness out of the song and made his voice frot and center. Watch it here.

17. Shy Guy
Blind Auditions

– At first, I thought this will be completely Karaoke but the fun side of twins singing it, harmonizing when needed and singing the song on pitch is a lovely, welcoming surprise. Watch it here.

16. Fancy
Mitch Miller
Blind Auditions

– If I am not mistaken, this is an arrangement by PMJ. Mitch has a playful side that completely suit the song and the arrangement made his standout. It was bold, fun and pleasant. Watch it here.

15. Love Runs Out
Christina Matovu & Jade Hewitt

– It worked because there are two powerful divas who didn’t backed down on the challenge and manage to completely outsang each other in a good way. They both held themselves together and the vocals was just a sheer entertaining vocal match. Watch it here.

14. Read My Mind
Howard Rose

– Howard to me is an unpredictable artist. But I like him. I was caught off guard when he sang “Proud Mary” during the Knockouts but I liked that, and then he went back caressing every verses of “Read my mind” but still managing to put the Howard stamp on it. Really good! Watch it here.

13. Thinkin’ Bout You
Ryan Green

– Despite the nerves, those imperfections in his vocals actually made this performance compelling. It sounded beautiful. He kept the verses cool and he didn’t do the falsettos on chorus but bravely sang it in his reach. This was a solid performance. Watch it here.

12. All Good Things Come To An End
Hannah Wildes
Blind Auditions

– Hauntingly beautiful! The vocals sounded creepy but in a good way. And as she soar during the chorus with how her voice melts like butter, I was blown away. Watch it here.

11. Hold Back The River
Autumn Sharif

– There’s so much personality in here that we haven’t saw from her in the past weeks. Her voice sounded amazing with the track and she managed to keep it lively with her vocal choices. Plus, she sang the song spot on, performance quality! Watch it here.

10. You Gotta Be
Christina Matovu

– I loved this! It was simple song for a big voice like Christina but with some tweaks and turns, her vocal choices sounded terrific! It was a solid performance from her. Watch it here.

9. Jealous
Joe Woolford

– It was a great moment for Joe to have restraint and show to the audience that he can really sing. To take this Labyrinth track is scary but he took the challenge and even if the vocals weren’t perfect, he still sound pretty great! Watch it here.

8. My Generation
Howard Rose
Blind Auditions

– I was blown away. The song suited him. The arrangement work for him. The vocals sounded amazing. It had dynamics and climax that when he started reaching that, I was like “Nailed it!”. Howard captured the essence of the song in his own way. Goodness! Watch it here.

7. Sail
Sasha Simone

– Feisty, slick and entertaining. Who knew Sasha could deliver such. She commanded the stage well and even if her voice falter in some parts, I didn’t mind. It was still a pretty good performance. Watch it here.

6. Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Stevie McCrorie

– This was right in Stevie’s alley. It was perfectly made for him and this reminded us what we fell in love with him during his audition. The vocals were gorgeous. The phrasing is spot on. Great stuff. Watch it here.

5. Glow/Princess Of China
Sheena McHugh

– At paper, the mash-up looked like a bad idea but Sheena made it work. The transition from Glow to Princess of China is so fluid you would think this is just one song. The vocals were terrific and the way she commanded the stage made her look like a guest than an artist competing. Watch it here.

4. Toca’s Miracle
Sheena McHugh

– Great stage presence. Right song. Fantastic delivery. Soaring vocals. Sheena was robbed of a finale slot! Watch it here.

3. Say You Love Me
Sasha Simone

– Sasha showed restrained and make a remarkable point that she can sing. She nailed this performance with elegance and fantastic vocal choices. Watch it here.

2. Don’t Wake Me Up
Joe Woolford

– Joe’s weird stage hand movements looked more charming than awkward. It added personality in him that complimented his wonderful vocal performance. He was able to completely keep with the melody and rhythm and sing the song spot on. Watch it here.

1. All I Want
Stevie McCrorie
Blind Auditions

– From the moment Stevie opened his mouth until the last note he sang, Stevie was able to capture. There’s a quiet passion in his delivery that soared together with his almost flawless vocals. It was a lovely interpretation with so much ease and confidence. Watch it here.


The Voice UK 4: Live Finals & Winner Announced

It is the last week of the voice UK season 4. It’s the climax and the concluding ceremony to be specific. I just didn’t think that the short time of voting actually reflects who the public wants as the winner. Although, I predicted the right one and I personally think he deserves the crown — no contest at all and the live finals performances showed how the winner is simply the frontrunner all along.

By the way, originala and former coach Danny is back with his band, The Script, for a special performance of their newest single. Also, we had performances from Rita Ora, Paloma Faith and Charles Hamilton.

Without further here how I ranked the performances per round and what were the results. Enjoy!


4. Lucy O’Byrne
No Surprises

– And she lived up to the song title of her performance.. No surprises here. Same old, same old. 4

3. Emmanuel Nwamadi
Somebody That I Used To Know

– I am not sure if it really worked. His voice cracked most of the times. The vocals were not as strong as I wished it was. Halfway, I felt bored and sleepy. 5

2. Sasha Simone
What I Did For Love
Team TOM

– Her vocals were not that strong enough to actually pull this off. It is unfortunate because Sasha was consistent for two to three weeks already but in here, it just fell flat. The vocal support was terrible. The phrasing is muddled. The whole thing, on paper, could have been a home run but somehow she missed the mark. 6

1. Stevie McCrorie
I’ll Stand By You

– Stevie brought his A-game tonight. His vocals here – not perfect – but sounded really solid. The tone in his voice worked and the vocal choices were beautiful. A little shouty in the end but I didn’t mind as I thought he managed to put something decently fantastic here. 7.5


4. Lucy O’Byrne & Will.I.Am

– The rap inflections by Will actually put a different texture in this predictable performance of Lucy. But other than that, this is nothing really groundbreaking. 4.5

3. Sasha Simone & Tom Jones
Chain Of Fools
Team TOM

– The first half sucked the life out of the performance. I swear, it was like the stage presence was off in that sequence and the energy is out of the window. Sasha pulled a last minute soaring vocals towards the end but I didn’t think the late-letting go managed to save the almost boring performance. 5

2. Emmanuel Nwamadi & Ricky Wilson

– Emmanuel moved, a little! Haha. This is so-so. 6

1. Stevie McCrorie & Ricky Wilson
Get Back

– Vocally, this is okay. I thought the band quite drowned them in the background but both served a decent to average vocal performance. 7

Sasha Simone (Team Tom)
Emmanuel Nwamadi (Team Ricky)


Lucy O’Byrne
Ebben Ne Andro Lontana

– Meh. This is not just my cup of tea, really. Plus, it was so predictable, I was right.. this is nothing I have ever heard nor seen before from her. 4

Stevie McCrorie
All I Want

– To be honest, Stevie didn’t match the beauty and magic he created when he did it during the Blinds but this is still a pretty solid vocal performance and there is a humbling confidence in his delivery that I thought is remarkable. 8


Lucy O’Byrne
Lost Stars

– And she turned this gorgeous Adam Levine song into opera. I cried because it didn’t really worked. Sorry. But I thought that was a meas. 3

Stevie McCrorie
Lost Stars

– It was too fast for me that I thought the meaning and essence of the track literally is lost. Haha. But then I guess they tried to matched it on Stevie’s style. While his vocals were really not perfect especially during the time when he tried to hit those falsettos, but this is quite fine. 7


STEVIE McCRORIE wins The Voice UK Season 4!

The Voice UK 4: Top 8 (Semi-Finals)

I am not sure if the voting format really works as I feel like minutes after all performances were the time range for the voting public to vote is a little flawed. But then what do I know, right?

Tonight, 8 artists are going to be trimmed into 4 as the semi-finalists will perform for the public’s votes. The Top 4 vote getter will advance to next week’s live finals.

Now let’s see how the night went..

8. Vikesh Champaneri
Don’t Leave Me This Way

– His delivery looked very uninspired and his vocals were really weak and off key. I wish it was stronger but there is nothibg really spectacular to get from here. 4

7. Lucy O’Byrne
O Mio Babbino Caro

– It’s hard to give comments on something that is not a cup of your tea but I must say that the sounds here were lovely. But that’s it. 5

6. Emmanuel Nwamadi
A Whiter Shade Of Pale

– The emotional delivery is not as strong as last week but I’m happy that his vocals here are stronger. But. It is so boring, halfway I almost catch myself sleeping. 6

5. Sheena McHugh
Toca’s Miracle

– The only uptempo that stood out among the ballads of the night. And Sheena sounded really nice here. I am not sure if the song choice though gave her new set of fans but her delivery was almost flawless. I just didn’t like the end as it felt more like she was showboating with those (some) unnecessary high notes but then Sheena pulled this one decently. 7

4. Stevie McCrorie
Bleeding Love

– I don’t know if this really worked fully but Stevie is a believable performer. He got a little wobbly before that end but the arrangement somehow worked in his advantage. A little weak during the times when the build up and high register were needed but the vocals here sounded really nice. 7

3. Karis Thomas
Say Something

– Last week, Karis’ performance is either you like it or not and the use of her raunchy, gritty tone is sometimes overwhelming. In here, Karis proved that she can do restraint. Her vocals here sounded fantastic and the placement of those grits were beautifully used. Her phrasing also sounded marvelous. 7.5

2. Joe Woolford

– Who knew Joe could pull something like this. If there is one thing that is missing here is that emotional investment – maybe because he is too young – but Joe wonderfully pulled this Labyrinth track beautifully. His vocals were lovely. The phrasing choice were great. Such a nice performance. 8

1. Sasha Simone
Say You Love Me
Team TOM

– This is gorgeous and a very nice contrast from last week. The delivery is flawless. Her vocals were wonderful. The emotional connection is fantastic. 8.5

* * *
Joe Woolford (Team Rita)
Karis Thomas (Team Rita)
Vikesh Champaneri (Team Will)
Sheena McHugh (Team Will)

The Voice UK 4: Top 12 (Quarter-Finals)

This is the start of the live shows and it is the quarter finals! Yup, that early because well the format of this franchise is a little ridiculous. Haha.

For tonight, all twelve (12) artists will perform and because they thought it was in the artists’ best interest to let the coaches have so much power up to this round, four (4) of them will get a free pass to the semi-finals next week. Yup, each coach will choose 1 artist from their team that they will send to next week’s live shows for free! Haha.

As for the remaining eight (8) artists, the public will vote and the lowest four (4) regarding of what team they belong to will be eliminated. So basically, 1-2 teams might have 1 artist left for next week if that will be the case.

Anyway, this is a pretty strong night of performances with some off people and some who surprisingly rose to the occasion. Let us rank them all..

12. Lucy O’Byrne
When You Wish Upon A Star

– It’s predictable already and her performances are getting more boring as the weeks progress. And I am extremely surprised with Will’s decision but I guess he really has some plans for her. This is… meh. 4

11. Clark Carmody
No Diggity/Ain’t No Sunshine

– It was so brave of him to do this mash up and it will either be a miss or a hit. Sadly, I find this a potential hit but Clark didn’t live up to that potential. Half of this performance, I barely understand what he was singing. It was tuneless, the verses were muddled and everything was just bland. 4

10. Lara Lee
God Put A Smile On Your Face
Team TOM

– Aside from the fact that the song choice didn’t do anything for her, this was pure karaoke. And that breakdown, I don’t know if I can consider that as rap or was it a spoken word, is really undertimed. Plus, her pitch is all over the place. 4.5

9. Vikesh Champaneri
Get Your Party Started

– I admire artists who takes risk and rearrange songs to make it sound fresh and authentic. While he started really nice, once the band hits in, he got lost. The energy was a fluke. The pitch is all over the place. His overall stage presence is not memorable. This was unfortunate.. really. 4.5

8. Emmanuel Nwamadi
Another Day In Paradise

– Emmanuel can convey emotions in his performance that will really hit you in the heart bigtime. But the performance felt lazy. There are parts where he really shines and his voice is so beautiful but the whole thing is bland and forgettable. Plus, there are parts where his pitch suffered and flat. 5

7. Autumn Sharif
Hold Back The River

– Autumn sounded really good. Her vocals were surpringly solid here and I thought the song choice worked well with her. Her stage presence is pretty remarkable too. 7

6. Stevie McCrorie
All Through The Night

– Stevie played it way too safe here. If it was in a normal night, he would hve topped this week but I guess something happened and 5 people outperformed him this week. Of course, his pitch is almost flawlessy and his delivery sounded like a pro. But I just don’t think this song choice lived up to Stevie’s potential, more so, how good he is. 7

5. Karis Thomas

– To be fair, I never really expected this to work. I thought, Karis will crash and burn but she proved me wrong. This was easily her best performance to date. The grit and rasp quality in her voice provided texture to this water cooler type of song. She puts a different dimension to it that I thought sounded nice. Yes, she didn’t took risk enough to differentiate her delivery to the original but that voice quality alone made it compelling enough to consider. 7.5

4. Howard Rose
Read My Mind
Team TOM

– This is Howard’s best performance on the show and he proved how capable of a vocalist he is. It sounded really nice. His pitch, not perfect, but really beautiful in here. The whole thing worked well. 7.5

3. Sasha Simone
Team TOM

– The first part sounded under pitched but once Sasha picked up, she never really looked back. This was fantastic! There is drama in here that isn’t theatrical. Her vocals were really solid. The intesity she put in here is just admirable and the liberties she took were really well thought. 8

2. Joe Woolford
Don’t Wake Me Up

– For Rita not to choose him is beyond unbelievable because I still think he is her best chance of winning this. Aside from him being so marketable, Joe is very now and he can really sing. The backtrack of the chorus is a little overpowering but his verses sounded realky beautiful. His vocal choices were fantastic. This was a really strong, current sounding and solid performance from Joe. 8

1. Sheena McHugh
Glow/Princess Of China

– Will really is an unpredictable coach and for him not to choose this as his free pass is just beyond crazy. The mash up, on paper, I thought would never ever work. But making this Ella Henderson song (Glow) and the Coldplay, Rihanna collaboration (Princess of China) work really well just gave me solid excitement. The transition from one song to another is very slick. Her delivery is really strong. Her vocals were superb. A little scream-ish towards the end but I digress. This was simply remarkable. Shame on you Will! 8.5

(Coaches’ choice)

Lucy O’Byrne (Team Will)
Karis Thomas (Team Rita)
Sasha Simone (Team Tom)
Stevie McCrorie (Team Ricky)

(Lowest Public Votes)

Howard Rose (Team Tom)
Clark Carmody (Team Rita)
Lara Lee (Team Tom)
Autumn Sharif (Team Ricky)

The Voice UK 4: Knockouts (#TeamTom & #TeamRicky)


Ricky’s team is a battle of falsettos while Tom’s team is shaping to be a strong contender for a title.

This episode and set of artists performed way better than last night. I mean, I enjoyed a lot of these performances despite some pitch issues here and there. Also, Ricky and Tom did have a pool of strong artists to choose from that I can’t really fault them for ending up with probably 2/3 of their team as strong contenders.

Now let us see how the night went and who the coaches chose to represent their team.


8. Sharon Murphy
Woman In Love

– The key changes sounded way off. The vocals were uneven and even the vocal transition from his natural voice to that weird sound is really uncomfortable. 4

7. Rosa Iamele
Heart Of Glass

– Wow. Why this time Rosa? I mean, the backtrack completely swallowed her and her vocal support sounded really weak. That must’ve cost her a lot as she was completely coasting with the melody rather than getting a tight hold of it. 5

6. Karl Loxley
Your Song

– This is what separates Karl from last night’s Team Will’s Lucy O’Byrne. Karl shakes it up with his song choices despite such genre. His vocals sounded really fine here. A little off pitch and sleepy, but there is a sweet quality in here that works. 6

5. Howard Rose
Proud Mary

– While the first half is okay, the second half was karaoke. But my main problem here is his words were a little muddled and he completely mumbles through his verses with some unnecessary highnotes. 6

4. Joyful Soundz

– Classic R&B singing, the female lead sounded better than the male. But what really works here is when they didn’t try to overembellish the song and stick naturally to its comfort zone. But then the pitch here is a little uneven and they sound more like dueting than two people trying out as a “group”. Get me? 6

3. Lara Lee
God Bless The Child

– Technically good but it lacks stage presence. The vocals were stunning and those glory notes just were crazy good. But yeah, it left me cold after. 7

2. Daniel Duke
Shake It Off

– Charming and pleasant, this upbeat acoustic cover works perfectly well in Daniel’s style. It is simple but appealing. The only thing that bothers me is his intonation because some words sounded a little muddled. 7.5

1. Sasha Simone
Lost & Found

– The beginning sounds a little off but once she picked up, she never really looked back. The passion and commitment in here solidify the vocal support. The vocals – as it goes by – sounded solid and strong. 7.5

Sasha Simone
Lara Lee
Howard Rose

– –

8. Hannah Symons
Drunk In Love

– OMG. This is awful. She can’t find the right pitch. Her timing was a mess. And then she decided to just wailed with her verses towards the end. 3

7. Olivia Lawson
Wicked Game

– I like Olivia’s quality of voice but I just didn’t really think the song choice worked on her advantage. The pitch is really off. Some of her verses, she’s just mumbling them in thin air. The whole thing lacks passion and commitment. 4

6. Autumn Sharif
Human Nature

– She started pretty nice but the thin quality in parts sounded really grating and painful. Her vocals were uneven and the ad-libs (falsettos) were a little shaky. 5

5. Claudia Rose
Misty Blue

– This sounded really nice. Her vocal choices were pretty great but the problem here is that it was just really boring. 6

4. Letitia George
Twist & Shout

– Unusual song choice but Letitia pulled this off really well albeit sounding really karaoke. But she picked up with her vocal choices in the second half, which I thought is the strongest part of this performance. 6.5

3. Emmanuel Nwamadi
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

– There are parts where I was wondering if this is really the right song choice for Emmanuel but then he sounded really nice. His pitch – shaky – is his best ever sound since blind auditions. 6.5

2. Stevie McCrorie
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

– I still think he has the best shot of winning this whole competition, especially now that Esmee Denters is out of the competition (No Thanks, Will.I.Am), Stevie is the sole front runner right now. His take on this song is nothing really spectacular because I’ve heard better versions of this before but it is still solid and strong. His vocals were mostly faultless. The second half sounded better than first but everything just really works. 7

1. Christina Matovu
You Gotta Be

– I absolutely adore this. Christina sounded really great and there is confidence on her delivery that is oozing with so much appeal. Her vocal choices were solid. The build up was nice and that glory note is incredible. This isn’t perfect but it worked really well. 8

Stevie McCrorie
Autumn Sharif
Emmanuel Nwamadi

The Voice UK 4: Knockouts (#TeamWill & #TeamRita)

If I’ll be completely honest, one thing in common for both Will.I.Am and Rita Ora is the question: “What were you thinking?”

Aside from the fact that it is a flawed format in terms of number of artists to advance this round, I just don’t see the point of each coach getting two (2) steals then in the Knockouts Round, out of 8 artists, they will only choose three (3)? OMG!! It’s like Hunger Games in singing competition right now.

Prior to this point, I personally thought Will had a very strong team with a couple of cannon fodders that he used to advance those who I think had tons of potentials and will do well. But damn, his decisions tonight left me.. speechless! Rita had a tough night too and I must say, I didn’t also agree with her choices. But what do I know?

Now onto the knockouts round (I really think the US Franchise should reconsider doing this format) and rank the artists and find out who made it.


8. Lucy O’Byrne
Un Bel Di Vedremo

– She’s just not my cup of tea to be honest. And up to now, I still can’t wrap myself around the idea of how and what kind of songs she will sing to be more contemporary and relevant in the music industry now. This isn’t bad, but I just didn’t really care. And I am afraid that she will be a one trick pony if she moves forward. 3

7. Newtion Matthews

– Will brought Jermaine last season up to the finals, so I don’t think he will do the same this season. And that’s the thing about Newtion, he is very similar with Jermaine. This performance is actually too muddled. His phrasing is really bad. But there are moments that I thought worked, but for most parts, it is just weird and gassy. 3.5

6. Vikesh Champaneri
It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

– I’ve heard better version of this and Vikesh’s performance sounded an impressive karaoke version. His vocal choices were lazy and this just felt really disconnected. 4

5. Jake Shakeshaft
As Long As You Love Me

– Jake’s performance is clearly affected by his nerves. I mean, the uneven. quality in his performance is very evident. His pitch is usually off and his key change in the end is shaky. But there are parts where I thought it actually worked but for most parts, it’s just messy. 5

4. Brooklyn
Let It Go

– There’s something compelling about this performance that I really like. From the impressive singing in the chorus to the breakdown of the verses. Brooklyn managed to utilize what kind of artist she wants to be and infused it to this well known track. I mean, who would think that “Let it go” could sound like this? 7

3. Sheena McHugh
Bring Me To Life

– There’s drama and dynamics in this performance that worked well. Her vocals were mostly spot on. There were unnecessary runs especially in the end that felt more like she was showboating but this is actually a pretty strong performance. 7

2. Esmee Denters

– This has been the best Esmee has sound. I mean, in the recent past, she is so-so but tonight there is confidence, urgency and vocal control that she showcased beautifully. Her phrasing sounded nice too and her vocal stylings were enough to keep track with the beat. 7

1. Ryan Green
Thinkin’ About You

– Strong, solid and consistent performance from Ryan. His vocals sounded fantastic from beginning to end. The arrangement was nice and he didn’t try to copy the original (y’know the falsetto use in the chorus). There’s control in this performance that worked really well. 8

Sheena McHugh
Vikesh Champaneri
Lucy O’Byrne

– –

8. Clark Carmody
Take Me To Church

– His voice is quite affected especially when he tries to hit those high notes. There are inconsistencies in this performance. His voice worked in some parts but for most parts, it is off pitch. Plus, he looked like someone just pushed him on stage and he didn’t want to sing — Energy Clark, energy! 4

7. Shellyann

– Her voice became uneven in the chorus parts. This needed build up and consistent energy. With Shellyann, the whole thing felt exhausting and tiring. The vocals were dragged to its high notes and the the verses were really choppy. 4.5

6. Karis Thomas
True Colors

– I like Karis and her tone so much but I just really think that this is the wrong choice for her. Her vocals were grating. The high notes were unpleasant. The raspy quality in her voice sounded really uncomfortable to listen. 5

5. Hannah Wildes

– It started okay then the proper build up created dynamics in here. But the whole thing felt too theatrical for me. I like the arrangement but it felt sleepy at times as well. 6

4. Mitch Miller
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

– I like the jazz arrangement here and I thought Mitch really worked it well. It just bordering more as a upbeat lounge performance. But then, this was really nice. The stage presence is there. His vocals were most on point. 6.5

3. Joe Woolford
Hey Ya!

– Control. That is what is lacking in this performance. To be honest, it was actually a solid one. His vocals are at its finest and this has been the best Joe sounded to date. But the continuous throw of notes here and there is what bothered me. Joe needed to control his vocal choices and learn when to be subtle. But still, I enjoy this! 7

2. Liss Jones
If I Could Turn Back Time

– There’s a proper build up in here that is gorgeous. The vocal choices were really strong and Liss’ performance is just solid. Her high notes were nice. Her low notes were beautiful. Lovely! 7.5

1. DTwinz
I’m Every Woman

– These two just worked the stage. Their vocals were really strong and the way they worked with their harmonies, the stage command and the vocal stylings is simply incredible. This is really strong despite my bitterness, I thought DTwinz provided a really solid performance. 7.5

Clark Carmody
Joe Woolford
Karis Thomas

The Voice UK 4: Battles (2)

The Voice UK 4 - Battles

Look at that, this is how fast this franchise is. Haha. And what I love about it is that there are no montages, I mean last week we saw all 12 battles and now this week, we will witness the other half.

At the end of the episode, all slots are filled – including the 2 (meh) steals – of each coaches and we head on to the Knockouts Round.

This episode is a little indifferent for me. The ridiculous use of steals by the coaches (seriously?), their questionable winners of the respective battles (at least for some) and well I liked most of the song choices in the battles.

Anyway, here is how night 2 of the battles transpire.


Jake Shakeshaft (vs) Stephen Cornwell
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

– I thought the song choice was smart as it will be an absolute challenge for both artists. Their vocals were both flawed. Jake is mostly sharp while Stephen is mistiming most of his notes. But I was actually surprised with Will’s choice in the end. I feel like Stephen had more control here. His pitch sounded better and he commanded the stage with more ease than Jake. 6.5

WINNER: Jake Shakeshaft

– –
Sheena McHugh (vs) Hollie Barrie
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

– This was pretty even for me. Hollie just tends to be more shouty towards the end but both actually deliver something decent. 6

WINNER: Sheena McHugh

– –
Esmee Denters (vs) Andrew Marc
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

– Poor Andrew. I knew from the moment he got in with that terrible blind audition, he will be the cannon fodder for a more preferrable artist. Nothing to take away from Esmee as she sounds really good here but the off pitch and ridiculously off timing of Andrew is just beyond unbelievable. 5

WINNER: Esmee Denters

* * *

Liss Jones (vs) Vanessa Hunt
Straight Up

– Liss had more control and the texture on her voice is just distinctive to ignore. This was an even battle to be honest even in the end when both of them decided to shout each and every note. Haha. But I give the edge on Liss just because of the quality of her tone. 6

WINNER: Liss Jones

– –
The Mac Bros (vs) DTwinz

– Look, I know Rita envisions DTwinz in a more versatile kind of performance and they had quite moments in this battle but I was really buffled as to why no one stole The Mac Bros nor why Rita didn’t choose them. I thought they sounded better here. Their pitch – not perfect – but quality. Their timing and harmonies were more tight. So… whyyy? 7


– –
Karis Thomas (vs) NK
Don’t Speak

– Poor NK, he can’t find the right tune and pitch all throughout the battle. That was painful. Karis had the upper hand here despite having some pitch problems, at least she was able to hit better notes and the grit on her tone is simply workable. 5

WINNER: Karis Thomas

* * *

Daniel Duke (vs) Cai Williams
Am I Wrong

– Lol. Daniel was trying to connect with Cai but Cai had his own world, I think. Look, this is clearly Daniel’s kind of performance and I don’t really think Cai could do anything about it. Not to mention, he sounded really flat in his parts, Cai is more of a personality on stage and I can’t picture him as a serious contender during the whole battle. Sorry. Plus, I really think he is just a cannon fodder. 5

WINNER: Daniel Duke

– –
Sasha Simone (vs) Lisa Ward
The Tracks Of My Fears

– Sasha had more stage presence and her pitch is more tight and on point than Lisa. But there are parts where I thought this was even and decent. A lot of off pitch moments too. 5.5

WINNER: Sasha Simone

– –
Lara Lee (vs) Kim Alvord
My Kind Of Love

– Hmm. Again this was almost even but I thought Kim delivered a better, more polished performance than Lara. Also, I liked Kim’s pitch more. There is something compelling about it that I can’t really pin point but I just love listening to. 6

WINNER: Lara Lee

* * *

Vikesh Champaneri (vs) Letitia George
Under Pressure

– I loved the song choice but hated the results. It was the right call for Ricky but a totally wasted steal. Stage presence wise, Letitia owned this battle. She got more grooved, she sang the song quite nice even if there are pitch issues and it looked like she was really having fun. On the other hand, Vikesh looked awkward, tensed and seems to be unsure. Not to mention, he find it hard to sing on pitch which is frustrating for me as we are seeing a completely polar opposite kind of delivery. 5.5

WINNER: Letitia George
STEAL – Vikesh Champaneri (Team Will)

– –
Autumn Sharif (vs) Hannah Wildes
If I Ain’t Got You

– This was an even battle. I thought both sounded really great. A couple of potch issues and screaming issues but the vocal choices were really nice and strong. Lovely! 7

WINNER: Autumn Sharif
STEAL – Hannah Wildes (Team Rita)

– –
Classical Reflection (vs) Emmanuel Nwamadi
The Living Years

– Eh? Right call for Ricky! Classical Reflection looked terrified. They were also so dull on stage and seems so unsure. Emmanuel, though had some rough spots here and there, held his own (easily!). 5

WINNER: Emmanuel Nwamadi