The Voice US 5: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Cee-Lo’s awful song choices. Blake-Adam’s funny bromance. Christina’s boobs. Great set of artists. The fall of three front runners. A rise of underdog turned dark horse. Ridiculous Instant-Save twist. This is basically the juice of season 5 of the voice.

Sure, we saw some spectacular performances from the Blind Auditions until the Finale night but some minor flaws left me thinking whether the voice is really a platform of future recording stars or just a singing competition entertainment. Nonetheless, just like last season, here is my personal pick of 20 best performances for season 5.

Here you go.


20. Shelbie Z
Last Name

– Woah. Where did this came from? Shelbie Z was oozing with confidence and impeccable swag on that stage while performing this Carrie Underwood hit. Her vocals were gorgeous and there is a remarkable stage presence that is undeniable.


19. Holly Henry
The Scientist
Blind Auditions

– Hauntingly beautiful. Sure her voice cracks a bit in parts but the gorgeous tone and impeccable pitch made this audition compelling.


18. Kat Robichaud
You Oughta Know

– Crazy good! Kat is a polarizing artist and I love her. Her take on this Alanis Morissette song is enough. Not much grit but there is an undeniable power and drama that created dynamics within.


17. Brandon Chase
Blind Auditions

– A guy playing the guitar backed up with a charismatic face and lovely tone? This is a perfect formula for a potential winner. Brandon is marketable and his delivery of Hunter Hayes’ Wanted is simply gorgeous. His phrasing is lovely and his pitch is spot on.


16. Cole Vosbury
Let Her Go

– With enough grit and emotional connection with the song, Cole managed to pull a strong rendition of this song. There are dynamics in this performance that I simply adore.


15. Matthew Schuler
Cough Syrup
Blind Auditions

– From the moment he opened his mouth, there’s an incredible pitch that bursts with color and confidence that I know the coaches heard that’s why for a matter of seconds they all turned around. Matthew has this lovely tone and it is very evident. His pitch is lovely and his enunciation is velvety!


14. Caroline Pennell
The Way I Am

– Beautiful! Her vocals were divine. Her pitch is lovely. Her phrasing is fantastic: There is something incredibly soothing while listening to her that I personally adore. Loved this!


13. Matthew Schuler
Cosmic Love

– He won the night against Will and I think it is because of his incredible display of dynamics. From the low notes to the soaring vocals, Matthew pulled this song like it was for written for him. His pitch was spot on as well!


12. Will Champlin
When I Was Your Man

– For me, Will won this round like for a few points. I enjoyed this more than Matthew’s performance. Though there are parts where his vocals sounded shrill especially during the high notes, but his delivery is vulnerable and well conmected. His pitch wasn’t perfect but it gorgeously nuanced!


11. Matthew Schuler & Jacob Poole
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)
Battle Rounds

– Entertaining at its best. I was surprised no one stole Jacob. This was a vocal battle and I thought both won. Matthe has a lovely pitch while Jacob’s solid rock fest is undeniable. I really enjoy this battle. It was more like a “performance” than two people battle it out which I thought is a good thing because both were outshining each other while sharing the light to soar. Great!


10. Jacquie Lee
Who’s Lovin’ You
Live Shows – Top 8

– I am not the biggest fan of Jacquie because I find her tone quite shrill. But this surprised me leaps and bounds. Her tone sounded clear and pitch perfect. Her phrasing is lovely and there is dynamics in here thag is impeccable!


9. Tessanne Chin
Redemption Song
Live Shows – Top 6

– Her vocals were simply outstanding. The way she phrased the verses were beautiful. The clarity on her deliver is gorgeous and over all, it fits like a glove for Tessanne.


8. Will Champlin
At Last
Live Shows – Top 8

– Who would have thought? And Will rose in the right time and in the right moment. Nobody expected this from Will but he pulled this off real nice. His nuance was impeccable. His delivery is spot on. His vocals is right on the money.


7. Cole Vosbury
Live Shows – Top 12

– And then this happened. Cole surprised everyone with a stunning rendition of Miguel’s Adorn. Stripped from his usual stylings, Cole pulled a gorgeous, spot on and compelling R&B performance. It was delightful and fantastic.


6. Tessanne Chin
Underneath It All
Live Shows – Top 8

– Tessanne pulled a break from all those soaring vocals display and deliver a vibrant, pleasant performance that showcased more of her personality but still she managed to show her dynamics. It was a lovely performance with that breakdown keeping it more cool, entertaining and gorgeous.


5. Matthew Schuler
Live Shows – Top 12

– This performance solidifies Matthew’s run as the front runner of the competition. We’ve heard this song been covered million times before in these reality singing competition shows but his managed to completely ranked right up there maybe in the top 5. His delivery simply divine. The vocal choices were outstanding and even his palpable vulnerability showed strength and power. This is a stunning performance for the first live show.


4. Will Champlin
Not Over You
Blind Auditions

– Probably the audition that was underrated both by the viewers and the coaches. Will displayed passion with power and dynamics backing up his gorgeous vocals. His phrasing possesed clarity and beautiful nuance and his performance is simply something you could listen on the radio. It was impressive and great!


3. Ray Boudreaux
All Of Me
Live Shows – Top 12

– Underrated. That’s the story behind this gorgeous performance. Sure he cracked a little but that actually created magic and vulnerability with his delivery that is impeccable. His tone is lovely. His vocal choices were spot on. His falsetto is on point. His delivery made every girl swoon over him, not to mention hsi simple styling puts an emotional impact to it.


2. Caroline Pennell & Anthony Paul
As Long As You Love Me
Battle Rounds

– To date, probably the best battles we’ve seen on this show. On paper, you would thought it won’t work but somehow Anthony and Caroline managed to make it work. The power yet simplistic soothing delivery of Caroline created dynamics in this battle while Anthony managed to keep the R&B essence in tact with his performance. It was match made actually and a stunning battle to be proud of.


1. James Wolpert
A Case Of You
Live Play-Offs

– I fell in love with him from the dramatic spotlight to his styling to his delivery which is simple yet emotionally intact. The vocal cracks were beautiful as if it wasn’t intentionally inflected. But the truth is, this was probably that moment that created magic and vulnerabilty that made this performance not just compelling but outstanding.